Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Lottie!


Dearest Lottie,

Happy Birthday precious baby! It's a delight to look back at these pictures and see how much you've changed. I feel so blessed to know you!! A year ago, I wondered who you would be, what you'd look like, what name you should be given and how your arrival would influence our family dynamic. As we'd hoped, you fit perfectly into our hearts and have truly enriched our lives.

Last October, our move to Utah was not on the radar. The timing of that change came as a surprise to us. The early months of  sweet calm that accompanied those newborn days shifted into a time of stress, excitement and uncertainty as we made our way from the South to a family eager to meet you. Four months living in your grandparent's basement came and went. We hope to be settling into the home and area where you will be raised. This feeling gives me peace.

Watching your personality emergue and falling in love with the beauty of your sweet face has been a joy. Your desire to keep up with Eliza and Henry is felt and understood, but let it be known that I'm going to be vying hard to keep you as my side kick for as long as possible. Eliza and Henry are doing their best in the "growing up too quickly" department and based on how quickly this year had passed, you're on the same track.

 Here are a few tidbits that might make future you smile.

You know how computers have a hibernation mode? I compare that to how you sleep. Eliza and Henry properly shut down. They don't notice our nightly check-in's. As babies, we could indulge in a few silent love stares as we watched them in their crib. But not you... the second we open the door, you sense us. No matter what cycle of sleep you're in, your eyes POP open and you are up ready to interact. It's crazy. You don't need a moment to reboot. Your system start up is seemingly instant. Even though you sleep light, you go to bed so easily. With your blankie and binky in hand, you welcome your nightly (and nap time) reunion with your crib. And while I'm on the computer analogy kick, let it be noted that Henry is the slowest computer to reboot. Ever.

You're small and petite and delicate. And while the cuteness of fat babies is all the rage, I adore how little you are. I'm keenly aware of how much you eat and am less than thrilled by the number of diaper changes needed to accommodate your rapid metabolism.You're healthy. And I'm incredibly thankful.

Eliza and Henry have the same blue eyes, the same shade of hair. I think you have brown eyes, Dad says they are hazel. We both say they are beautiful. And your hair, it has more red and more curl than the other kids have.

Eliza hides behind the kitchen counter and secretly feeds you otter-pops because she loves you.

Your first word (that has since disappeared) was, "What?" I'm certain that, "Wah-wah" is water and that you know I'm your, "Ma, Ma, Ma..." You also mimic me saying the name, "Eliza."

When I asked Daddy for a Lottie-ism, he said that your ability to SCREAM for attention is an inescapable part of our day. It's true. You are effective in letting us know when you need something. Patience isn't your strongest of traits.

Henry has a great love for you. Waking up in the morning, the entire room could be telling him, "Good morning." It's as if you're the only one there as he makes his way directly to your side. Offering a bright smile he says,

"Good morning Lottie!"

You love to take baths. You love to drink the bath water. You love to poop in the bath. Not a great combination.

We still nurse and I'm okay with people thinking that's odd.

You love going places. You are busy and curious. You remind me so much of Eliza in temperament.

Your favorite game is, "The No No No" game. You crawl to the opposite side of the couch or out of a room I need you to be in and I say, "No, No Lottie!" You turn, give a huge grin of acknowledgement and GIGGLE. That sound is magic. The problem is that you'll never take me seriously when I tell you "No" in your life.

You are loved so very much Lottie. I cherish the memories we have and look forward to the ones that will follow. You sparkle baby girl, in every way. I love you.



Unknown said...

That is one seriously cute big-eyed girl! Happy birthday Lottie!

Audra said...

So cute! Congrats on nursing, I nursed mine to 13 months. I wanted to go to 18 but I got past the one year mark! Miss you!

Ali said...

Thanks you two.