Friday, October 21, 2011

The party she won't remember

Last Saturday we celebrated Lottie's first birthday.

It really is a shame that she won't carry with her a memory of the fun we had in her honor. Lucky for her, she has a Mother who is a compulsive photo opportunist.

Dinner was first. In addition to a fine selection of soup, the menu offered a few spooky eats too (thanks to MKC, of course)!

Before the bolt implantation:

And when the children cried to their "mummy's" that they didn't want to eat soup, we introduced them to our friends:

Our last minute decision to eat outside was a good one. The weather was beautiful.
We sang to the birthday girls next! Lottie is lucky to share a birthday with her Nanna Teresa!


I hate to say it, but I can't escape the frosting's resemblance to newborn baby .... oh, don't make me type it. The malignant comparison makes it difficult to focus on how cute that messy baby is.

Lottie's mood proved mellow as she took in all that was going on. Sharing the spotlight with Aunt Jen's new puppy, Elwood, was fine by her. She welcomed his kisses.

Everyone needs an Elwood. Even my Dad.

Tractor rides, time at the play ground, birthday presents, glow sticks, smores and the campfire added to the happiness of the evening.

I was so happy to be able to spend the night in the company of our family. Thank you for making the drive to our house and for loving our baby.


Ami said...

Lottie sure can throw a party! We can't wait to see what she pulls off when she turns 2! Thanks for a fun night!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Lottie! Um Hog. . .you look gorgeous!!