Monday, October 24, 2011

When Truman comes to town...

In the days that followed Lottie's party, we were lucky to have our favorite New Yorkers come stay with us. Before making the drive up to our place, we had a fun luncheon at Nanna Teresa's.

Truman and Henry proved compatible as their imaginative play fell into sync. It was delight to watch them run around outside, splash in the tub and sit around the camp fire together. We tried to take advantage of the later hours as we visited with Liz child-free and played games. I can't help but pick her brain about what it's like to live in the big city and how she manages her two small children with such finesse. You're amazing, Liz!

One of our outings was to the Tree house Museum's, "Step into the Woods" event involving children in costume and fairy tale characters meandering through the museum interacting with the kids.Other than discovering that Eliza was fevered, the outing was fun for all. Soup and smores followed. Here are a "few" pictures taken during their stay.

Truman and Henry: 


Andrew's sister Liz and baby Chantel!

Lottie was happy to finally meet her! Hey, Lottie! What do you think you're doing?!

"Shhh,! Don't tell Daddy!"

We had a photo shoot before heading to the museum.
Blame it on these cute faces, but I had hard time trying to "pick" a favorite shot (I'm sorry Liz. I can't help that Truman's wandering finger makes for a good pun.We love that boy!)

Miss Lottie learned a new trick. She isn't walking, but she sure gets a kick out of standing up unassisted.
Our last morning together found us (along with the rest of the state of Utah) at Gardner Village. Beautiful weather, the charming witches, visiting with friends and family and a day free of elementary school, motivated me to make the drive down. 

"My face looks so sad in that picture" - Henry Flegal

 Cousin Mia had her 7th birthday party there that morning.
They enjoyed breakfast with a witch! 
Eliza decided she wasn't completely well yet.



Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

Thanks for taking these cute photo's and sharing them. Now I'm really bummed I missed the museum. That's ok, I'll be onboard next time.

Liz Green said...

What fun pictures. Now I need to get caught up on my blogging. No more being lazy not that my vacation is finished. :)
It was so much fun being with you guys. Thanks for taking cute pictures and having us over at your place for 2 nights.