Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Death by Chocolate

Whilst on the phone with my Mom today, the verbal waterfall that is my conversing mouth suddenly ceased after she asked the question:

"What kind of Mom are you?"

... .... ... Say what?!

Have my personal self evaluations grown loud? Not quite. Turns out, she was curious about whether or not I ration my children's intake of Halloween candy or if I let them inhale it at a pace that they deem suitable {ding, ding, ding!!}. Wanting to pad the confession just a tad, I shamelessly reply:

"Oh, you know. I pretty much let them eat what they want. Just like you let us when we were kids."

After all, Halloween is exciting! In the 5th grade, I remember walking home the day after Halloween. In my mind, I could visualize my pillowcase full of my sweetest treasures, safely concealed from my brothers in my closet. I couldn't walk home fast enough. With that being said, I appreciate that my kids woke this morning eager to rummage through their pumpkin pails.After watching them eat a proper breakfast , I allowed Eliza a piece (or two, or three) before leaving for school. And yes, I made sure she brushed her teeth before we left.

Adding to my defense, I told my Mom that their pumpkins were currently up on the fire place mantle, out of their reach, as my living room floor had been flooded by candy wrappers. In addition, my son had just passed out from what I diagnosed as being a chocolate over dose (read: he fell asleep with a descent sized piece of chocolate in his mouth). Both were major hints that perhaps we ought to lay off the sugar for awhile.

Self incrimination at its best: Henry sleeping in a pool of chocolate drool.
Sweet dreams are sure to come to those who fall asleep eating chocolate. 
And perhaps the possibility of needing the Heimlich maneuver.

Waking up from his chocolate induced coma wasn't easy. It was the promise of a cup of ice water that lured him back to the present.
Playing the part of family puppy, Lottie picked up his scent and tried desperately to pick a piece off of his face for herself.
She loves chocolate too. Henry's not the only one enjoying the sugar high around these parts. Just look at those glazed over eyes. 

As if it's not already totally apparent, ... I do Halloween so much better than New Years.

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