Friday, November 11, 2011

the little snow plow that could

(Returning to last Saturday...)

Pulling into the driveway after spending the morning at his office, Andrew returns home to find that his yard is a canvas of white. Eager for the opportunity to play with his kids outside, he hurries in to find that they are minutes away from being ready to go play.

(Let it snow!
Andrew shakes the tree, 
covering Eliza and himself 
in a fresh blanket.)

 After having their fill, the children retreat indoors in hopes of finding their Mom ready with a mug of hot chocolate. 

Needing to work out the knots of stress in his brain, Andrew disappears into his man cave. The third car garage may have been the selling point that tipped the scale back in my favor during the great house debate of 2011. It's his happy place. He jokes about adding a lazy boy recliner next to his work bench to complete the room. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that eventually happens.

It is his play room. Hours have been accumulated working on a motor for his fishing boat, assembling toys for the kiddos and bringing back to life a small snow blower we inherited years ago, among other activities. Even though he'd been successful in bringing to life the snow blower, he has deemed it inadequate for our future snow removal needs. He'll hang onto it, of course, because you never know when he'll decide to dissect its parts for future projects.

The thick layer of snow that covers our patio has him convinced that being without an adequate snow blower, let alone a shovel, is problematic.

 In recent weeks, he's kept a close eye on the snow blowers that are for sale on KSL. He stalks the KSL classifieds. He loves them; especially the FREE section. The possibilities, kids... are endless. While singing its praises, one particular statement he made stood out to me.

"It's like garage selling in your underwear!"

Sadly, he learns that afternoon that the snow blower he's had his eye on has "just been sold." Disappointing, we know. It would seem that snow storms tend to bring about the sale of snow blowers (shocker!). Looking for a plan B, he pins down an idea that's been floating around his brain. Settling into his haven of concrete, he begins to tinker.

Hours pass. His absence is felt, but knowing how insanely busy (not an exaggeration) work has been, I leave him be. He needs this break. While editing photos, I hear a tap at the back door. Looking up, I see my personal, 'Frosty the Lumber Jack' peering through the glass door. He is wearing a huge smile.

And it came to pass... 

With the aid of our retired (read: demoted) lawn mower, flashy blue wire and a piece of good ole fashioned wood, he successfully made his own snow plow.
Clever fellow.


Karen said...

that is awesome!

Liz Green said...

That is very clever. It reminds me a lot of things Grandpa Flegal would create.

*Jess* said...

It looks like Andrew is not missing the mild South Carolina Fall season at all! He's loving the snow!

Karina said...

I love my cousin! Ditto to Liz - I immediately thought of Grandpa when I read this! Isn't it nice to have such a smart handy-man to take care of you?

Becky Sharp said...

Are you sure we didn't marry twins separated at birth? Andrew is so much like Dustin, it's scary. They seem to both live by this motto: "If I can't buy one, I'll make one!"

Kara said...

this has got to be the coolest thing i've seen in a long time!!! love it!!!