Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singing Her Praises (it's what Mom's do.)

It's been an eventful couple of weeks for Eliza Grace Flegal!


Last Sunday she participated in the primary program. Eliza did a superb job reciting her part. Despite the fact that I was suffering in a silent storm of rage, I was very proud of her. 

Yes, it's true. Crazed emotion and the expected feelings of Sabbath day peace and rejuvenation can not co-exist. As a program participant myself, I was aware of where she would be sitting on the stand; therefore, I reserved our bench accordingly. With the program being the last meeting of our three hour block, I was suddenly excused from the morning practice due to a need for extra help with the nursery children. 

Upon my return, I learn three minutes before the start of the meeting that Eliza's seating assignment was changed. Our formerly stellar view of her was gone as she was now completely blocked by the podium. I was heartbroken. All of my careful planning was spoiled. Had I not been in nursery, I would have remedied the situation. Time was now out. Knowing my Mom was making the 40 minute drive to attend added salt to my wound as I stressed over her (lack of) view. 

Meanwhile, Andrew takes the news in stride. Wanting to emphasize my crazy, he shields any feelings of disappointment he may have. I'm still trying to rinse the bitter taste from my mouth. Don't worry. Andrew has clearly voiced your opinion that I'm over reacting. Chalk it up to lack of maturity on my part or insane devotion to my child and her precious facial expressions.
Despite everything, Nana Marie enjoyed the program. It meant so much to Eliza to have her there.  

My mood lifted when Church was over. How's that for ironic? I'm an advocate for attending Church; I'm just equally passionate about ensuring that primary children can be seen by their loved ones during the yearly program.

A game of Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders followed our afternoon meal... it really was a nice day.

 The school week began with the arrival of Eliza's first report card. It was perfect... straight 4's. I'm not sure what happened to the good ole fashioned, "A, B & C" method, but it seems to have been replaced.

Let the good news parade continue! Eliza was chosen as the Student of the Month from her class. Her name hangs in lights in the main hallway of the school. That's fancy.

The promises of a special congratulations from the principal and her very own water bottle with the school logo (filled with treats) are hers to claim at the end of the month. Way to go Eliza!!

Have I reached my quota for all things obnoxious yet? Don't answer that, because we're not done. Last week, I learned that her last minute reflections entry was one of the top five chosen from the visual arts category to compete at the district level. Earning an "Award of Excellence" and a trophy that bears her name this evening had her beaming brightly all night long.

Andrew and I are super proud of her. She is truly a special girl. Being Eliza's Mom brings me great joy!

I love you, Eliza!


rachel garber said...

That is too funny about the stewing anger you had. I too am obsessive about things of that nature and it takes no time flat to make me seethe. Then there is my husband who lets things roll of his back easily, which just makes me seem more insane.

And can I tell you I'm jealous you have backwards church? That is too lucky.

And Eliza truly rocks.

jamie t. said...

What a sweetheart! Gush away

Keersten said...

So cute-how can you not gush! I love her painting.

Ami said...

Congratulations, Eliza! Your picture is beautiful! Thanks for coming to play, today.

Paparazzi Boutique said...

Oh Ali, so cute. I can totally empathize. We had to miss the program this year because we were in Florida and I stewed over it for days and days. I love seeing my children perform in the program and I was so torn. So I totally understand. Congrats to Eliza...my Aleigha was one of the 5 to take the top award for visual arts in K-2nd as well...so we'll see you at Region. So love having you as our neighbor...you are a riot.