Sunday, November 27, 2011


My Indian chiefs (we have two chiefs at our house) were just fine when I informed them that we'd be celebrating Thanksgiving early this year. Elilza endorsed the plan as she assumed that as soon as those plates were washed and dried, the world would officially be in full on Christmas mode.
After three years away, it was wonderful to be seated around my Mom's table, working in her kitchen and listening to the happy voices of a full set of cousins. 

Because she's magic, my Mom sprinkled in an extra dose of special for the grand kids. She prepared a fun cupcake craft, gifted each of them a chocolate advent calendar counting down to Christmas and bravely hosted a rowdy game of the pin the tail on the turkey! 
Speaking of turkeys... the Flegal's have a lot to be grateful for. After reviewing our feathers, I'm prepared to share our respective lists.

This year we are thankful for: 

  • a warm house
  • Henry is a good eater
  • Eliza is a good helper
  • the mountains
  • mom is such a good cook
  • my children
  • my family
  • Eliza was very helpful without being asked.
  • I am thankful for Daddy's job and for being able to stay at home with my kids.
  • healthy bodies
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • friends, old and new
  • Living in Utah (I have a few additions:)
  • Grateful for children who play so well together
  • Eliza's artwork 
  • Henry's laugh
  • Lottie's cuddles
  • Dates with Daddy
  • Sunday naps
  • I love my family
  • I am thankful to be able to go to school
  • thankful my last name is Flegal
  • My mom is not a monster
  • Music class on Tuesday
  • Thankful for birthdays
  • love
  • playing with my friends
  • playing with my friends (he said that one twice)
  • going to my school
  • my blue blankie
  • my mom is nice
  • spider rings make me happy
Lottie (we took the liberty):
  • snacks in my high chair
  • Mom juice 
  • Eliza and Henry make me laugh
  • When Daddy comes home
  • cuddles with blankie and binki
Thanksgiving weekend we had to cancel our plans to join Andrew's family in St. George as he was needed at work Friday and Saturday. 
We were understandably disappointed.

Bowling with the McAllister side of the family on Thursday, seeing Breaking Dawn with my Mom, watching the parade and another wonderful family dinner at my Mom's cleared the sadness. 

At the bowling alley's play center:
Eliza watching the parade:
Strike a pose, Eliza. 

Thanksgiving evening was low key in comparison to the previous weekend's celebration.As I basked in the feelings of contentment the calm atmosphere provided, I took the time to silently account for each of my blessings. Certainly we aren't immune from life's challenges, but I feel that my cup of joy is full to the brim. The love of my family brings me great happiness. Continuing on with my little analogy, as I watch my children love one another and as I listen to their observations (the humorous or profound), my happiness spills over. God is great! To Him, we owe everything.

"Are you done yet Mom? Sheeeesh!"


Laura said...

I am also grateful that you are not monster Al! ha ha!

Camille said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving! I felt the same way, that after being away for a couple years it was GREAT to be surrounded by family.