Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day two: siblings in stripes.

Dear Andrew,

Eliza was kind enough to label various items throughout our house; including herself.

Yesterday we went to Walmart to buy stamps. When I asked her to kindly remove said label prior to entering the store, she denied my request. Please imagine, if you will, your dear daughter waltzing through Walmart with her name taped to her forehead.

She made a lot of friends that afternoon.

Monday also brought play-dates for the kids. 

 Our neighborhood crew is pretty fabulous.

Here is proof that Lottie doesn't live in her pajamas.

As for that rumor that I never accessorize her with ribbons and bows (or shoes for that matter)...

Well... that's completely true. 

Missing you still.

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jamie t. said...

They're all so cute! No worries... our little Carter practically lives in his PJ's too. It's so stinkin cold here and they look so cozy!