Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a happy homecoming

He's home!

I wasn't kidding when I said that Lottie started walking in the 10 days that Andrew was gone. Here she is, really walking to her Daddy for the first time!

 Eliza and Henry are really happy to have him back too!
So am I!


Ami said...

I love Lottie's facial expressions! Congrats on making single parenting look like a breeze. Welcome home, Andrew!

jamie t. said...

I love the look on the kids faces when they see dad! Especially when it has been a while. They're always so excited. You're going to be really busy now that Lottie is walkin'

Karen said...

Hooray for having Dad home! It's always hard to have him gone more than you're used to. Cute pictures of the kids being so excited. I loved your other post about Henry going to the door when he saw Andrew on skype. So cute.

Katie & Andy said...

Whoa, single mom of 3 for ten days, that is brave! I'm sure the kids are happy to have him home but I'm positive it can't compare to your relief at having your other half back!!!

Becky Sharp said...

That is so adorable seeing Lottie walking to her daddy! I love that age, and it goes by was too fast!