Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I lost the bet.

With his folks in charge of the Flegal party this year, Nanna Teresa found herself in need of someone to fill the jolly shoes of Santa Claus. At these parties, he's also known as "The Silly Santa" in case a savvy young child grows suspicious of his thrifty duds and want-to-be beard. Per his Mother's request, Andrew accepted the job. 

On our drive down, Andrew expressed how difficult small talk can be for him. In his defense, I complimented him on how well he'd done whilst conversing with a new acquaintance at a breakfast earlier that morning. I was a referring to conversation he had with a fellow engineer.His response,

"Ali. I can speak engineer." Obviously. I would like to add that he also speaks "fishing" fluently. As for sports, well... let's just say that topic is about as foreign as it comes for my dear spouse.

Anyway, with a list of 60 + names of extended family to visit personally, while dressed as Santa, he had ample practice Saturday night. It was the perfect opportunity.

As for our bet...   
I was certain the children would recognize the "Silly Santa" as their own Dad. Feeling confident in his new role, Andrew trusted they wouldn't discover his true identity.

Andrew was right. Did you hear that babe? I said, YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I was wrong.  (*A rare acknowledgement; I had to make it count!) There wasn't a hint of suspicion from any of them. They had no idea that they were sitting on their own Dad's lap.
 Look at how she is pulling at her pant leg. That's a total sign of awkward unfamiliarity. Right? Hee, hee, hee!

 After concluding his one on one interviews with the group, he entreated the children to join him in a festive rendition of the "Tooty-Tot" song. Eliza was eager to join him as his special helper. I wish I could say that we had a massive crowd of participants, but mostly people just watched as we "performed" this Kindergarten classic.

As we were preparing to leave, Eliza spotted Andrew's Uncle Eddie. Uncle Eddie has an authentic white beard and spends his winter holiday playing the part of Santa Claus professionally at Heritage Park. Tugging at my arm, Eliza points out Uncle Eddie,

"That's him, Mom!" I know what she is referring to. Because I'm telling the truth, I am quick to deny her claim.

"I'm certain of it! That's the man I did the Tooty-Tot song with!" There was such conviction in her voice as she solved a mystery that she didn't know needed to be solved. So, after all that, we went home having the Silly Santa conversation after all.


Liz Green said...

I can't stop laughing. I can't wait for the day when Mark gets to dress up as Santa. Wish we could have been there to join in all the excitement!

Devin said...

I can attest to the truth of this post. It was hilarious how much they REALLY had no idea. :) And for the record, Andrew - I was actually super impressed with your Santa conversations; you were really witty at times! :) Much better than a lot of the Santa's we've had. I vote you become the permanent Flegal party Santa. :D

Devin said...

by the way, this is karina, not devin. sorry