Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Man vs. Wild

We had a wind storm. It was intense.

The wind uprooted massive trees, littered the neighborhood with debris, (shingles and household garbage chief among it all), tore apart fences, tipped over 10 semi trucks, broke the windows of school buses and nearly blew away our storage shed.
Macgyver simply wouldn't allow that to happen. With a hatchet in hand, he made a batch of wooden stakes in an effort to secure the shed and then wound the doors shut with fluorescent green cord. At one point, we thought that Andrew would lose the battle as the right sight of the shed lifted off the ground. His head was nearly squished before my very eyes as he had been looking directly under the opposite side of the shed when a sudden gust surged from the East.... oh the drama.

From the car, I took a few pictures when we went out to pick up Eliza from school. This only scratches the surface of what our neighborhood looked like.


Andrew keeps a firm grasp on his wee little Kindergartner as he escorts her to the car. 

The power went out in the early evening. Eliza was quick to clue into our preparations. As we lit the fire, rounded up the candles and located our flashlights, she eagerly volunteered to gather up the bedding we would need to "make camp" in the family room. We were having a sleepover.

"I am thrilled to death!!" She exclaimed! I'm sure it would have been an adventure. I'm sad to report that the power returned an hour later. With it being a school night, her mean Mom insisted that we all sleep in our beds. Her response was one of bitter disappointment. She sobbed. Darn those lights for turning back on!!

Speaking of disappointment, as a result of said storm, we were without Internet for five days. It felt like five months. Considering the damage others have reported, I think we were quite fortunate. Most definitely we will need a new roof .Thank goodness for home owner's insurance.

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jamie t. said...

That was quite a storm you guys had down there in Utah! Glad everyone/thing was ok for the most part.