Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Next stop, memory lane.

Friday, December 23, we prepared the children for a night out on the town. It began with our family's first trip aboard (wait for it)... the Front Runner train. Say it with me, folks:

"Ooooh. Awwww!"

It's true. Sometimes we roll fancy. Rushing to purchase our group pass, we literally ran onto the train in an effort to successfully make our departure. Don't worry. We were careful to mind the "danger zones." Eliza a.k.a. 'Captain Safety Pants,' saw to that.

The children were delighted with the experience!! Being on a train brought on feelings of nostalgia as I remembered the first time Eliza and I boarded a train together. As I recollected the happy memories aloud to her, I was surprised as we made the connection that she was the same age that Lottie is now when we made many of those trips.

In preparation for this post, I  gave into the urge to revisit that particular chapter via our blog history link.  Here's a fun little diddy.

Look at how Eliza has grown. Do you think she resembles Lottie? They're different in many ways. For one, look at her pig tails. Oh, if Lottie even knew what it meant to envy the length. Eliza has lighter hair, has blue eyes and didn't have any curl. Lottie has big brown eyes. Her shorter locks are darker and wild. It's hard to have hair that can't make up its mind in deciding what it's about. Not to mention, Lottie is a saucy little thing.(pssst: watch out as I sling a nasty ball of cheese your direction...)

The one similarity are the feelings of deep maternal love that stirs inside my heart when I look at both of my daughters. And at Henry. Fret not, sweet boy, I love you too!

After successfully making a quick connection over to trax, we arrived. Waiting for the sun to set, we made our way into the visitor's center to observe the Christus and wait out the arrival of Andrew's parents and the Jensen family.

Henry was violently opposed to cooperating when it came time for the family photo. He's in the orange coat, hiding behind Andrew. His screams of protest could be heard throughout the crowd. Say it with me. Parenthood is AWESOME. 

With the sun now set and our traveling companions in tow, we made our way through the crowded mass of visitors to enjoy the majesty of the temple and the surrounding lights. It was stunning.

Brent and Katie's twins are adorable. We love them and look forward to watching James and Ellie grow up with Lottie. P.S. Katie you look beautiful.
 Lottie was wide eyed the whole night. She was a content little bundle of warmth and I thank her for putting up with the cold, long outing without fussing.
For those who have been to see the lights at Temple Square, I'm sure that you would easily agree that my photos don't come close to doing the actual scene justice. It was my hope to re-emphasize the real reason for celebrating Christmas. And while we made an attempt to testify of the Savior when those quiet, albeit few, moments presented itself, they were blunt as they informed me that the train ride was way better than seeing the lights. Even so, I'm happy we went.If all our intentions to spiritually feed our children failed, I will console myself with the thought that we had fun spending the time with family and hopefully we have set another tradition (train ride and all) in place for the coming years.


Karen said...

What a wonderful outing! As we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional earlier this month they showed the lights on Temple Square and Ethan said, "Oh, wow!". I realized he doesn't remember being there (we went with him when he was almost 2). So, the next time I'm in Utah during December the first thing we'll do is go to Temple Square to see the lights!

Becky Sharp said...

Those lights are a beautiful sight! What a fun tradition to start. And your kids are adorable, as always. We hung your Christmas card on our fridge and Ethan commented on how old Eliza is getting. He's so funny.

And speaking of memory lane, when I was on my mission in Salt Lake City (um, many moons ago), I got to help wind up some of the lights after they were taken down from all the trees on temple square. I've never seen so many strands of lights in my life! After that, I gained a new appreciation for the work that goes into making temple square so beautiful at Christmastime.