Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a stroll through Christmas village

Tuesday night we had the pleasure of experiencing the merriment of Christmas Village!

 This is a wonderful place to take your kids! The atmosphere is rich with dazzling lights, holiday music, hot chocolate and adorable (tailored for children) Christmas shops. Words can't capture the feeling of hearing small children squeal with delight at the sight of each happy enchantment. 'Magic,' maybe that's the word.

 As an added bonus, we were able to share in the experience with Nana Marie and Papa.

Lottie was likewise thrilled by the all of the lights. A favorite moment of mine was watching her feet bob up and down under a heap of blankets to the music. Her mitten covered hands were also busy pointing at the things that caught her fancy.

Another (unplanned) highlight was meeting Santa Claus.
The line was short, so we jumped in with Henry leading the way. Without a spec of hesitation, Henry climbed into his lap and proceeded to silently stare. He was in awe.
Our dear boy was speechless. When asked what treasure he'd like for Christmas, he just quietly whispered, "Ummmm" over and over. Eliza, on the other hand, when the question was directed at her...
...raced through her mentally prepared wish-list! It was like she'd been swimming under water for a long time and had just come up for air. She made her answer count! 
Lottie, content as she was in her bundle of blankets, stayed tucked away in her stroller. Looking back, I wish we had taken her out. Hopefully, we'll find another opportunity for her to visit with St.Nick. 
Santa was fabulous, but the real star of the night was Eliza!
We were shocked when we learned that she'd be performing on an outdoor stage. Seriously, a heads up from her studio would have been appreciated. Nevertheless, it was pretty special to watch her dance on that spectacular stage. 

 Here she is, the moment before it was her turn to perform.
Luckily, her best pal Elizabeth was there to keep her company as they waited in the cold! Aren't they cute? We're sure grateful to be neighbors with her family!

They did a wonderful job! I video taped her performance and at some point, I forgot that I was filming as you will notice that I suddenly begin to tape the ground. My apologies!

Again, to my Mom and Dad, thanks again for braving the cold to share in this special night with us! Eliza loved seeing you in the audience as she waited for her turn to perform and both kids expressed how fun it was driving with you to the village.

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great job, Eliza!!!