Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fleglet funnies

You know it is time to wean your baby when: 
Feeling her eyes on my face, I look down to meet her steady gaze. She is through nursing. Before making any adjustments to our situation, Lottie sweetly says,

"Thank you, Mom." I am surprised at the unexpected appearance of a three word sentence. Pushing past the surprise, Eliza and I are both overcome with affection for this sweet baby.  As the day progresses, the humor of what happened is finally appreciated. 

"At this rate," I say to Andrew, "next week she'll be asking me to, 'Please pass the other breast.'" 

 The gift of tongues:
 While waiting for Andrew to check out at the grocery store, I usher the older children away from the candy and over to the arcade where Henry successfully fools himself into believing that he is driving the race car. It's great; coins aren't required for him to achieve the satisfaction that comes when the computer crosses the finish line. 

Nearby a Hispanic couple are engaged in an animated conversation. They are speaking fluent Spanish. Eliza is transfixed by them. Wanting to be apart of their magical exchange, Eliza steps in between the pair of them. Looking up at the woman, she begins to enthusiastically wave her hand. 

"Ni hao!" She says over and over. 
Without taking the time to gauge their reaction, I grab her friendly hand and whisk the children away from the scene. I am torn between embarrassment and pleasure over Eliza's bold attempt to demonstrate her mad foreign language skills. Making our way to the car, the mistake dawns on her. Hitting her hand to her forehead she exclaims, 

"Ah! Wrong language, that wasn't Spanish!" 

Neighborhood Snuggle Cuddle
Wanting to bring to pass our dream of going to Disneyland, Eliza has transformed into a little entrepreneur. From bake sales, to lemonade stands to straight up writing letters to our neighbors and asking for a donation, her effort and energy is full of devotion. 

Most recently, I found the following ad on our door. 

 {"Be Quite
Come to the Snuggle Cuddle
Come here
5 cents")

 That's right, ladies and gentlemen, for five cents you can come over and we will ALL cuddle. Ha ha ha! Peace, love and Snuggle Cuddles! I assure you, we're not raising a harlot.

Oh, bless her heart.

Henry's contribution:
 Between Henry's recent dream in which he was able to shop at a store that was exclusively full of large marshmallows and his pronouncement that he loves girl babies named Lottie (Hey! WE have a baby girl named Lottie, Mom!  What a lucky coincidence!), the boy continues to be our family's go to man when you're in need of a laugh.
Faces of an awkward nature are his specialty! 


*Jess* said...

those definitely had me laughing! And way to go for nursing past a year :)

Catherine said...

Holy cow, Ali! 3 word sentence? What a smartie pants. Go Lottie! And tell Eliza, I would totally pay MORE than 5 cents to snuggle with her. Way to be a wise steward, Eliza, and save your own money for Disneyland. I love it!

Laura said...

I would pay 5 cents for a snuggle cuddle with the Flegal Fam, ha ha!

Megan and Jonny said...

Oh. My. Heavens.

This was HILARIOUS. Poor Eliza--she has no idea that she's just given your entire family blackmail ammunition for the rest of her life. And I clearly remember going door-to-door as a kid selling the neighbors my 'drawings'. Never sold a single one that I can remember...

A and M's Mom said...

Your kiddos seem to get cuter and cuter!