Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The party goes on

It appears that the joyous chaos that accompanied the holiday season has followed us into the New Year. Last week, we surprised my Mom with a little birthday celebration. My sister graciously hosted which was a definite win in my book. :)

I wonder when the 15 minute drive to her house will feel normal. For us, "hanging out" once meant visiting on the phone. We'd discuss our weekend plans, which sadly never involved each others families, and talk about the kids we only saw in person once (twice if we were lucky) a year. These days, our phone calls are in reference to babysitting swaps, carpooling or the menu for our Mom's birthday dinner. It's pretty sweet.

It was nice to be able to surprise my Mom, to visit and get those crazy cousins together to play.

The party continued Friday with a trip to the ice skating rink to celebrate cousin Kate's birthday. With Aunt Ami looking after Lottie and Henry, I was able to enjoy some one on one time with Eliza.

Most of the girls had never ice skated before. While a few of the young ladies were clearly "naturals," I was likewise impressed by those who found it a bit more challenging as they proved incredibly determined to improve and showed great resilience fall after fall. If I owned up to how great being there was, it would uncover that my true motive to go was entirely selfish and that "being an adult there to supervise and help" was a definite ruse. I had a blast spending time with Eliza and my nieces, who are a special cast of characters (I love them all). 



Twice that week, we found Eliza tucked in with her party balloons. It was pretty cute. And because I'm wired to worry, I removed the strings away from her fingers to prevent them from cutting off her circulation. We'd hate for her precious appendages to turn purple and subsequently fall off. Thoughts of that nature go through your head too, right?

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