Wednesday, January 4, 2012

stud muffin

With his smurf bag in hand, Henry bravely made that giant leap from nursery child to sunbeam! 

 Having been prepped about the upcoming change, he gladly followed me into the "big kid" primary room. The big, intimidating, cold metal chairs waited for him.
Knowing that I have a primary class of my own to sit with, he opted for my lap instead. Henry sang the songs, laughed at the silly comments his friends made and easily went with his new teachers to class.
However, after the opening song, he scrunched up his face in dismay. Looking around the big room he exclaimed,

"Hey! This is not my class. I want to go to MY class." Other than that statement of reluctance, he did well. Per usual, the change was likely harder for me. Let's be honest; nursery is such a happy place! Sunbeam class will be great and he's ready to learn, but this just confirms my motherly suspicion that he is also growing up too fast.

I do better when the childhood changes occur with subtlety. The "in your face" milestones like leaving nursery or beginning a new year at school are more acute. With the exception of potty training success and sleeping through the night, slow and steady works best for me!
I sure love you, Henry!

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