Monday, January 30, 2012

When life gives you perfect friends, eat cupcakes.

Here's the scene:

You're attending a picture-perfect baby shower for a most deserving friend. She's been there for each of your milestones and you are glad you're able to show support for one of hers. You tell her that she looks amazing and know from the moment the compliment leaves your mouth, that you're 100% sincere. She is so lovely and the look of her baby belly is the most darling accessory this 'Queen of all trends fabulous and fierce', has ever possessed.

Your friends continue to arrive and they too are thriving. It's as you remove your jacket that your inward suspicions are confirmed. Courtesy of your "cookie pouch," you look more pregnant than the 35+ week Mother-to-be. Awesome! With Lake Powell just around the corner (June), now might be the time to take physical fitness seriously for the first time IN YOUR LIFE.

Did I mention that the cupcakes were delicious?

Now before you continue you on with your private judgement, please consider that I'm fairly confident that the calories acquired from the amazing plate(s) of food were burned off by the ample amount of laughter shared as we visited.

Mama Brittany and darling Sheena

Angela, Sheena, Ali and the strategically placed pillow

Whitney and the other star of the morning, sweet baby Madison!

 Oh Laura... 
I have your commentary on "repeat" in my brain. I'm still laughing.
And Linds, you are hotter than ever.

Thanks for hosting Mindy and for still accepting me as a friend;
despite the, well you know... 8th grade History class incident (Shhhh!!!!).

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Laura said...

I'm still dreaming about those cupcakes! It was so good to see you! Good times!