Tuesday, January 10, 2012

winter games

"Winter came!" 

These were the words Eliza exclaimed as she bounded into our bedroom Saturday morning. After experiencing weeks of mild, sunshine filled, weather; the excitement she expressed at seeing the snow covered yard was well understood.

Having years of practice on his side, Andrew was better able to conceal the thrill he felt at the wintry sight. However, knowing him as I do, I wasn't surprised in the least to see him outside with the plow soon after getting out of bed.
A good portion of my family's day was spent outside building snowmen. As for me, I had an appointment to keep with a new special friend.

{Thank you, Santa!}

Earlier in the week, a friend offered to pick up my two oldest kids from school so I could attend the funeral of a dear family friend. Wanting to thank them, we asked them to come for dinner. Lucky for us, they said yes!

I felt guilty refusing Andrew's invitation to join the family outside. It appears that  he is reluctant to accept that having guests over to dinner means more than doubling a planned recipe. The preparation, which began in the morning, included: a trip to the store, straightening the family room/kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, preparing the food, conjuring additional chairs out of thin air (will we EVER learn?!?)  and making sure the kids were presentable (read: dressed). That was my list. Add that to the regular tasks off feeding children, keeping up a healthy supply of hot chocolate, washing dishes and changing diapers.

Andrew's list looks like this:
  • Have a blast outside with the big kids while Lottie is napping.
  • Keep Ali's arms and legs free of Lottie while she is working in the kitchen. 
Which is exactly why, in his mind, we only need an hour to get things ready. Bah! Let it be known that we are doing our best to bond with new friends and neighbors; you know, those of the flesh and bone variety.

As for our snow friends, the credit is all Andrew's for bringing them to life. Our lovely snow couple can be seen from our family room/kitchen windows. Lottie continues to be astonished by them. And truth be told, the fellow on the left is super tall. With the Christmas decorations long gone, their presence adds a sprinkling of fun to the ordinary.

This past Sunday, Andrew was also called upon to defend their very lives as they were attacked by neighborhood ruffians. Living near devious, albeit playful, teenage boys has led to a winter war! It's true. While we express our happiness in making new friends, it also has to be said that we have made a few "frenemies" too. ;)

Andrew vs. The Ruffians

The "trouble" began with daily snowball hits to my van while Andrew was in Florida. Coming home, he was able to pay them back with a twenty minute snowball fight after Church. Returning to this weekend, he spots them walking ahead of us shortly after Church ended. An idea of a most mischievous nature flies into his head. Acting on the idea, he stops at the corner of our street. Darting out of the car, he prepares four snowballs and sets them on our console. Creeping along our street, with the window rolled down, he approaches the "gang."  It seemed like a great idea until I realize that they are likewise armed with snowballs. Lottie, who gets to sit on my lap for the 40 second drive home from Church, could easily be hit. Doing my best to shield Lottie, I scream,

"ROLL UP THE WINDOWS!"  Snowballs are fired from both sides. We were spared, but the threat of my children being hit had this Mama Bear fully flustered. Not phased, per usual, Andrew replies,

"I was confident in your ability to protect your kids." My yay-big body is... well, big. But with three kids, I can't cover them all. Before I know it, we've made it inside. Not a minute has passed before I see the ruffians hiding behind our snow couple.

Eliza is a ball of distress as she watches them taint her pure snow lady with red food coloring. Oh the drama. Andrew is out the door in a flash. Calming Eliza down, I assure her that we can patch up our snow lady. A few minutes pass and Andrew returns with a sly smile.

"White washed." He states.

"Ding dong." There, at our front door, stands our foes. Smugly they tap the fast offering collection packet at our window. Waving an imaginary white flag of truce, we allow them in. I was tempted to offer one of them a towel to dry his hair. We part with the words,

"To be continued..." To be continued, indeed.


*Jess* said...

I have never ever seen snowman that big!

Ali said...

Pretty sure you made Andrew's day. Thanks for the comment Jess!

Abe and Lisa said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You're so sweet! And i have that same KitchenAid mixer and even in that color. I love it so sooo much. I even named him Harvey. They really are so great!

Liz Green said...

Wow! That is quite the large snowman. Way to go Andrew. And Ali, what a beautiful new friend you got from Santa.