Thursday, February 2, 2012

Andrew vs. The Ruffians (part II)

The war with the ruffians has evolved.

(Team Daddy)

With each snow storm, the level of anticipation between the two rivalries thickens. What once was a five minute snow ball fight has escalated into snow forts, neighborhood teams and verbalized regulations.

(Protect your young - CHECK!)

"There's no way to determine an actual winner," Andrew complained. His ego, it would seem, would not tolerate doubt of victory. He decided it was time to take things one step further.

After googling the phrase, "snow ball games" for inspiration, he crafted his own version of capture the flag. Two hours and 12 players later, it was clear that his idea was a winner.
 (Awaiting the opening assault)

Is this an appropriate Sunday activity? I offer the following justifications:

  •   Siblings bond as they discuss strategy. They work as a team; rescuing the fallen, defending their territory and striking their opponents.
  • In a group setting, we enjoy the beauty of God's creations.
  • Fresh air & exercise - An activity void of brain rotting is deemed 'uplifting' in my book
  • A gift of peace is given to the wives and Mothers who are able to prepare the evening meal in the quiet solitude of their kitchen.
  • The good guys are called Nephites and the bad guys are the Lamanities. We liken our efforts to the scriptures as we discuss various passages of scripture. After being hit by a stray snowball in the face, Eliza came inside bawling, "I want to bury my weapons of war NOW, Mom! I quit this!"
  • Just kidding. We really don't do that. But that part about Eliza being hit in the face on accident is entirely true. 
 (The anti-Nephi-Lehi)

No matter your opinion, we have a great neighborhood! With time, it is our hope, Andrew and I will be friends with the adults too!


BnK said...

sunday afternoons used to be me and him throwing dog poop and old, rotting fruit at each other. snow is a big step up

Ali said...

oh Katie, you are so right. Thanks for the visual, it's provided many laughs today.

Liz Green said...

I think it's a perfect Sunday activity. I'm always searching for any family activity that keeps the husband away from internet. That gets tricky now with the i-phones. You are lucky with how much time Andrew loves spending with the kids.