Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Ca-COUGH-ony of phlegm

If the gag-inducing title wasn't enough of a hint, I can sum up the past week briefly. We have been sick. I can't complain though. As far as 'coughs and colds' go, we've had worse. The good news is that among the runny noses and coughing spells, we've continued to manage a few moments of silly.

Before the height of the illness hit, Eliza had an appointment with the dentist that I felt she was well enough to keep. Having put Lottie down for an early nap, I was able to focus on stocking the diaper bag with the essentials as well as goodies fit to entertain the younger kids. I was also successful in making sure Eliza's teeth were scrubbed and in rounding up three size appropriate pairs of socks and the accompanying pairs of shoes. As I loaded the children into the car, I felt that my preparations were sufficient. Excuse the vanity, but when my effort to be organized makes an outing occur smoothly, I welcome the boost of confidence. I can handle my life.
 As the fleglets and I shuffle through the door, I am pleased to see that we have arrived five minutes early. Sweet! My triumphal train of thought is then interrupted by the kind receptionist.

"You know," I sense a hint of hesitation, "I think your appointment was scheduled for next Wednesday." That's right folks. I was one week and five minutes early to the dentist. How's that for having a solid handle on things? As my ego begins to deflate, I mentally feel the clicking of sudden connections in my brain.

"Today isn't the 22nd, is it?" With a sad smile, she shakes her head and murmurs, "No." As I begin to collect the shoes that Lottie has already discarded, I feel my face turn red.

"Hang on just a minute." She disappears into a hallway. I continue to pack up our things, my perfectly thought out (*sniff) things. The receptionist returns with the happy news that there is room for Eliza as an afternoon appointment had just canceled.

You're right. Rather than labeling that moment as silly, I'd call it humbling. Let's try another.

Lottie has started using our names. Hearing her enthusiastically say, "E-yi-zah!" or "Won-ree!" melts our hearts. Thrilled by the new development, Eliza yells,

"She says my name, Mom! It's a MIRACLE!" Henry was likewise impressed when his baby sister obediently followed me to the door that leads to the garage. Usually she is in my arms when we are heading out on an errand. Her increased understanding wasn't missed by him.

"Look Mom! She is following us!" I respond in an equal tone of happiness. Agreeing with my thoughts, Henry adds, "Ya, maybe she can follow Jesus now too!"

(Eliza on her 100th day of Kindergarten)

Troy and Gabriella, of High School Musical fame, have Eliza contemplating her own love life. In the beginning, the prospect of finding her true love had her stressed out in a big way. Sharpay's interference in Troy and Gabriella's love story likewise confused and frustrated Eliza. As a result, questions that I was gearing up to answer when she was a teenager have already begun to surface.

Thanks to Kindergarten, she is more aware of what a "crush" is. Surprising to me has been her lack luster response to it all. Convinced that a classmate has a crush on her leaves her feeling "weird." She is not boy crazy the way some of her friends are. Rather, she deems it to be silly yet maintains a deep devotion to her Carolina beaus. It's pretty sweet, actually.

As I outline these conversations, keep in mind that I'm doing my best to keep these chats age appropriate. We've discussed the types of qualities that her future "true love" should have; among them is the fact that he will be okay moving in with our family because Eliza never wants to live away from her Mom. :)

 (we're a package deal)

She will date lots of boys and when she finds the one "who is the nicest" to her, she will choose him. In the car the other day, she informs me that she has her mind made up. Talon is her true love.

"But Mom," she says, "even after I'm married to Talon, can I still have special time with Luke?" I'm curious, dear reader, how would you have handled that one!?


Eliza was looking over my Valentine's blog post. I showed her the pictures of her Daddy and me as teenagers. She seemed impressed by the red balloons and the flowers.

"That was really sweet of him, Mom!" She said admiringly. And then, "When I have my true love I'll give him lots of sweet things; starting with a bow tie!"
Continuing on the Eliza train, she gave her second talk in Primary.

I asked her if I could record one of her practice runs before Church. She dictated while I typed the story of Daniel and the lion's den for her. Her talk went so well. I was lucky enough to play the part of puppeteer as she shared it with the kids in primary.

( According to Eliza, Daniel was a hairy man.)
 Valentine's Day has come and gone. Eliza, it would seem, is looking ahead to Halloween. Walking up the stairs today, I was confronted with this warning. 

"Ther is a gost in this holl. eeeeeeeeek!"

And sure enough, to the left of said warning was the 'gost.' Eeeeeeeeeeeeek, indeed.

Out of snow, Andrew and the ruffians had to substitute their snowball war with something new. Their weapon of choice: air soft guns. Equipped with safety eye wear, it was Andrew against three for about 45 minutes on Saturday afternoon. Despite coming in within a bleeding knuckle and pellet sized bruises on his face; his expression was pure joy.


Andrew took the kids to the fish store while I attended a session at the Bountiful temple. The temple was extremely busy! That's a good thing. Even better than finding a parking space was walking into the chapel to find my sister sitting there. We had no idea the temple was in eachother's plans for the day. It was a nice way to spend the morning; lunch at Barbacoa after wasn't bad either.  

My claim for "silly moments" flopped. This post was not short, it was sugary and sappy. BUT! To make up for it, I will conclude (Amen and Halelujiah!) with a photo of Henry with his new haircut which, to be honest, looks a bit silly!
Oh man, how I love him.


*Jess* said...

i miss you guys!

Karen said...

I love this post! I like Henry's hair cut.

Karina said...

hey. it's the 22nd. better get on over to your appointment at the dentist! :P
i'm very interested to hear what you said to eliza about spending time with luke after she and talon marry - call me and i'll tell you what i would've said. :) love ya!

Liz Green said...

That's fun that Lottie is already saying her siblings names. I'm curious how long it will take Chantel to learn how to say Truman.

So funny to hear stories about Eliza's love life. LOL!

rachel garber said...

I work at a dental office now and you wouldn't believe the number of people who come a week early, a day early . . . all. the. time. At least you KNEW you had an appointment that you were willing to keep - we like people like that :)

Still love your blog. Read it all the time.

BnK said...

love the post. i miss them when you don't. i'm excited to see you guys sunday