Monday, February 13, 2012

fish fish, she got her wish

My heart was full of appreciation when I opened my eyes Saturday morning and saw that the clock read 9:01. Returning to my pillow, I closed my eyes once more. As I wrestled with the decision to get out of bed, I could feel that my body had benefited from the extra dose of rest. The congestion in my chest wasn't nearly what it had been the night before.

Despite feeling exhausted from the events of the day, thoughts of my friend's darling girl kept my mind alert with worry. Sleep had finally come and thanks to the heroics of a husband who willingly woke up with the children, my cold symptoms were dwindling.

Forgive the over-dramatic tone; but these days the 'tokens of love' that I appreciate most come in the form of extra sleep, a clean kitchen sink and the removal of trash bags without having to issue the request. Trotting down the stairs to the kitchen, I search for my benefactor. I'm eager to thank him for waking up with the kids. Before I can get out a word, I observe that he is ready to dash out the door. The children are following close behind.

His eyes are alive with excitement as he babbles out a rush of information. I hear the words, "found on KSL" and then the phrase, "a fish tank for Eliza," followed by an enthusiastic assurance of, "such a GREAT deal!" Following a quick kiss "Goodbye," Andrew, Eliza and Henry are pulling out of the driveway.

And then there were two.

Back in the day, the 10 gallon fish tank used to live on Andrew's nightstand. Realizing his attention span had no room for me while watching the fish tank night after night, it was evicted from the spot! Ever since then, it has served as Henry's night light. And now, Eliza has finally joined the club. 

It isn't the fact that we have two fish tanks that makes today's post significant, but my desire to document and/or preserve the feeling that comes when I watch Andrew gather with the kids to watch the fish eat every night. That "moment" is a constant in our nightly routine. While I'm scurrying to hunt down toothbrushes, hang the towels from the evening bath or tossing dirty laundry into a basket, Andrew is gathering the kids to watch him sprinkle a pinch of fish food into the tank. Henry is quick to inconveniently position himself in front of his Dad's view of the tank, but even so he lets him be. The length of time they spend watching the fish  usually depends on when I interrupt the calming scene. And I will confess, that even though I think one aquarium is more than suFISHent, I'm happy for each minute they spend quietly visiting in front of those tanks. 

These pictures would have been all the more tender had Andrew actually been home from work when they were taken! As much as we love to have Daddy home at bedtime, it doesn't always happen.
The fish department at our local pet store has been struck with a case of "ick," which puts the fish purchases on hold. With that being the case, we have to thank Henry for kindly supplying Eliza's tank with one of his guppies and one of his shrimp.  

Our weekend also included cleaning (and lots of it), a movie night with a special friend, a lunch date with my Mom and sister and an evening of pizza, puppet shows and Mr. Popper's Penguins with the Mays and Chamberlain families.

Oh yes. The "boys" also went shooting. 

 As I previously mentioned, our thoughts and prayers have been with our neighbor, Emylie Parker. Other fighters in need of your well wishes and prayers are Millie Flamm and Tenley Wilson. Please remember them all.

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BnK said...

night light fish tank! awesome idea. i hate when sad things happen especially to little angels.