Monday, February 6, 2012

Little Guppies

 Last Thursday, Eliza and Henry completed their first session of swimming lessons. The feedback they provided was nothing but positive; but you don't have to take my word for it. 


From the small class sizes to the encouragement of their great teachers, the setup was ideal. The idea to banish the parents to the bleachers, above and away from the pool, was wise. Eliza and Henry could find my face when they wanted an enthusiastic thumbs up from Mom, while being allowed to focus on what their teacher's asked. For their benefit, I was unable to directly remind them (read: nag) to,

"Listen to your teacher!" Even better, I wasn't there to offer an automatic out to a challenge they found intimidating. They were brave and did well at following instruction. Their certificates of advancement and Airhead candies were well earned!

As for me, I successfully managed to make it through the session with healthy children. Wet hair, cold bodies, winter air... you'd think they would have come down with pneumonia. Other positives from the experience:
  • The showers were warm. Washing their hair and dressing them in their pajamas at the facility saved me an extra evening chore. Sweet.
  • Lottie didn't take a tumble down the bleachers or fall into the pool.
  • Two friends of mine also enrolled their kids. A social fix of this nature is always appreciated by me.
We're saving our pennies in hopes of continuing on in another month or so. Eliza's hair could use a break as the texture of it was transforming into straw.

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Audra said...

I want to put my kids into swimming lessons! I hope they do as well as yours!