Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Look of Love

Our Valentine's Day in numbers:
  • The number of Valentines made for classmates, friends and teachers = forty five.
  • The number of ideas inspired by Pinterest that helped make our morning a little more special = one (idea found here
 Having outgrown her Dora shoes (in both size and personal taste),
Cupid gave Eliza a pair of new sparkly shoes!

 As for Henry, Cupid knows that his heart belongs to Legos.

Legos posses magical qualities. They have this special ability to keep my kids quiet at the kitchen table for hours. I see piles and piles of legos in our future. This brings me to my next stat.
  • The number of times I've stepped on a stray lego piece while barefoot =  three. *Que crazed Mom reaction*
  •  The number of times a lady I didn't know at Church suddenly began dispersing gift after gift upon my girls during Sacrament meeting = one.
This is a true story. While sitting in the chapel on Sunday, the woman sitting behind us, randomly hands me a package wrapped in lavender tissue paper. Inside I find a lovely pair of Lottie sized dress-up fairy wings. Confused, somewhat embarrassed and grateful, I turn to her and silently mouth,

"Wow! Thank you!?!" I wanted to ask her, "What for?" but considering the circumstances, I didn't. I do my best to quietly place the tissue paper out Lottie's grasp when suddenly, she hands me another one! This one is larger. What is going on?! Inside of this one was this darling dress.

Bows and bracelets followed. It was so kind of her! I most definitely will be plugging her business when the information become available to me. Anyway, after packing up a bag full of Lottie sized goodies, I considered her set for Valentine's Day!
  • The number of photos I had to take before I caught them all with their eyes open  = twenty. 
  • The number of year's Andrew has called me his valentine = ten!
Here's a fun look back at our first one. You'll be relieved to see that my cheesy nature has remained intact after all these years.

By small and simple things,

 *great things come to pass.

(*the BEST)

I love you, Schatz!


Karen said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing your scrapbook pages. So fun! Looks like Valentine's was a great day.

Karina said...

ohhhhh....i love the cheesy cuteness. and you are such an adorable mom.

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

You are both so amazing. Look what you've created. you've made me very happy. I need to come for a visit.