Monday, February 27, 2012

slippers and stripes

 This little darling is Lottie's special friend.

She is one more reason why we love Friday at our house. Her Mama and I take turns hosting their weekly get together. It works out well for Henry as she has an older brother who also comes over to play. On my "off-week," you will find me spending the morning volunteering in Eliza's Kindergarten class or laying in bed eating a giant bar of chocolate squeezing in a dentist appointment, among other things.

When Lottie got the memo that her pal was on her way over, she wanted to make sure she was ready.
With Eliza away at school, Lottie helped herself to her big sister's slippers. It would seem that she has adopted the same "borrowing clothes" philosophy that I held as a youth. If they never know you borrowed it, they most definitely won't mind...

...until you spill (and stain) their oatmeal colored Old Navy t-shirt with your red Hi-C fruit punch at lunch.  I am sorry about that, Ami. I suppose I ought to apologize to my parents too; after all, they had to witness the fall out. Man. I can't WAIT for my girls to be teenagers! Ka-ka-ka- KARMA!

Don't say I didn't warn you, Miss Lottie.

Even if you look totally adorable tromping around in princess slippers, it's probably a better idea if you ask her first..
(16 and a half months)
*ding dong*

Our friend is here! Let the morning of pretzel eating, sippy cup stealing and playroom playing begin. And to top it all off, we conclude with a few fascinating minutes of Baby Einstein.



Ami said...

Forgiven! :)

Vause Family said...

So so cute! I love those girls!