Monday, February 6, 2012

The Twinkies

A darling set of twins joined our family last year, remember?! Look at them now!

We sure love spending time with them! James is a solid, strong, sweet baby. He weighs about the same as Lottie. He and I make sure we have time to catch up whenever we're able to get together. Ellie has her Daddy firmly wrapped around her finger. She is such a little beauty. Their Mama, Katie, is constantly going. Watching her go from baby to baby, based on whoever needs her most, humbles me. My hat goes off to her!

 In a blink, they will be chasing after Lottie... together they will stir up all kinds of mischief!

Uncle Mike flew to Salt Lake last week to celebrate Bubba's birthday! It was an evening spent eating wonderful food and enjoying great company.

 Happy Birthday Bubba! We love you!
  Our sweet Charlottes

Grandma Popcorn, who just turned 94 I believe, is most beloved.  We love you Grandma!

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jamie t. said...

How fun to have so much family and company... and grandma popcorn is just too sweet. I don't know if I want to live that long :) J/K