Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Toothy Tale

Friday, March 23

Driving home from a wedding dinner, Andrew sends off a text to the babysitter letting her know that we were on our way home. Keeping it simple, he types:

We are leaving slc now. We will be there about 9:40.   

And while her response was likewise brief, its content completely caught me off guard.

Ok Eliza lost a tooth
and it fell down the drain 
in the bathroom sink.

My baby lost her first tooth and I'm eight days late in posting it to the blog. Seriously, where are my priorities? ;) When you're blessed with a heightened tendency to overreact to life's sentimentality, learning to poke fun at yourself is a great coping mechanism. With that being said, I was a flutter of excitement. 

"What?!" I demand. Being the one behind the wheel, I had to resist the urge to grab my phone and read it  myself. 

"Did you know Eliza had a wiggly tooth?" Before allowing Andrew time to answer, I continue,  "I had no idea she had a wiggly tooth!" As I try to process the news, I realize that I need to know more. To be honest, I am surprised that I even have to ask Andrew to give her a call. The lack of information is eating me alive. Andrew, being the normal person that he is, calmly sits in his seat. Finally picking up on my want for detail ("CALL HER NOW!" - subtle, yes?), he picks up the cell phone and gives her a call. 

Waiting on the connection, I swallow my feelings of sadness. I missed the whole event. I don't know the whole story, but I know it ended with her tooth falling down the sink. I imagine the resulting disappointment.

Hearing her answer, I take the phone from Andrew's hands. She doesn't know me well, so I try my best to tone it down. 

"Hey Emma! We just got your text. Do you mind telling me what happened?" What I wanted to scream was,
"OH MY GOSH! You just witnessed a major milestone and I didn't. Tell me everything! What was going on? What did she say exactly? Did it hurt?! Which tooth was it? What pajamas was she wearing? Was it raining outside? ..."

Yes. My life is full of flavor. It's a bonus of being SO DARN EMOTIONAL. 

Long story short (*Bahahahaha) Eliza was eating an apple and out of no where, her tooth popped out. Wanting to wash the blood off, she took it to the bathroom. Despite Emma's warning, it went straight down the sink. In an instant, the triumph of her unexpected tooth retrieval had turned into a profound five year old tragedy. With Emma's encouragement, Eliza wrote a letter of explanation to the Tooth Fairy detailing the drama from start to end; except, she did leave out the part of how her Mom is a crazed lunatic. 

Lucky for Eliza, the tooth fairy knows a guy. His name is Andrew and in less than ten minutes after getting home, he rescued the tooth from a sad life in the sewage system. The following night, Eliza had the honor of putting her first tooth in an envelope and placing under the pillow. She wrote another note. 

 "Dear Tooth Fairy,
My tooth is in here.
Love, Eliza"

Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to reinforce positive behavior, the tooth fairy not only congratulated her on the exciting achievement of losing her first tooth but also commended her on having a clean bedroom. The tooth fairy visits many rooms and most certainly appreciates the ones that are kept tidy. Wow. The tooth fairy is sounding more English by the second.

As I closed her door that night and took in the sight of the other two doors that share her corner of the hallway,  I was clobbered with gratitude for the blessings in my life. We certainly have our challenges, but the prayer that filled my heart was one of sincere thanks. 

"You were right. Life is so sweet." I like to think that I carry memory's of conversations from my previous life. Like I said earlier, crazed lunatic. It's not so much the words that I remember, but the feelings. Don't get me wrong, I've said "You were right, this is really hard." lots of times too, but not that night. 

*Sigh. That concludes our first of many toothy tales.

 But not the post.

Continuing on with a few more Eliza memories that need a place to be stored:

The next day, Eliza and I went to see Bonneville High's production of, "High School Musical." We enthusiastically cheered for the talented cast members, enjoyed the view from our 2nd row seats and had our fill of popcorn and skittles. It was the perfect way to spend some one on one time with this special girl.

The excitement and energy was a little draining for the little Miss. A few minutes into our drive home, she was out.
As for Henry and Lottie, they had a fun time helping Daddy plant his new fruit trees in the yard.

Other happy mentions include the fun pajama birthday party she attended last night. 

And finally, Friday morning I was able to spend the morning volunteering in her class. I love, love, love that time. Thank you Kim for watching the other two rascals, for the awful diapers that Lottie so faithfully produces for you while I'm away and for being, in general, one of the most awesome people I know.

And while Eliza has said on several occasions that she enjoys having me come to class, it might not be as memorable as an experience for her as it is for me. Friday afternoon, she sits at the kitchen island coloring a picture.

"Hey Mom, guess what? she says.

"What, Eliza?" I reply.

"We went on an Easter Egg hunt in class today! Isn't that cool?"

"I know. Remember how I was also there." Feeling a little sheepish she turns around to look at me. With her hand now on her forehead she returns,

"Oh ya. You were! Silly me."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome Spring

Welcome back Spring sunshine.
Please don't let us scare you away!

 Welcome back baseball bats, bikes and trikes, bubbles and sidewalk chalk.
 Welcome back DIRT.
 Dirt is delicious. 

Welcome to Andrew's latest creation. For lack of a better description, it's a big (BIG) slingshot. 
I see water balloons in our future. And ruffians.
And last but not least, welcome back 'fire camps.'
As for being told to "Look at the camera, hold still and SMILE like you were on your way to Disneyland..."
Well, that isn't a seasonal thing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the honorable mention goes to...

There she was. Clad in an ever sagging (it was dry) diaper, Lottie began to shake her little groove thing to the music. In a hurry, I grabbed the camera to see if I could capture a twirl or two.

"Did somebody say, camera?" Why yes, Eliza. I did. Right around the 45 second mark, it happened. Completely overcome by the music, the passion she feels can no longer be contained! It wasn't until we replayed the footage that Andrew and I realized how incredibly hilarious beautiful her movements were.

Before you pass all the credit over to me for her dancing skills, pay close attention to Andrew at the beginning. I'm pretty sure he had something to do with is; which is why, the honorable mention of today's video goes to him. Lottie's cute bum crack comes in at a close second, though.

 It would seem those dance lesson are paying off. With that 'fighting spirit' Eliza, you can accomplish anything! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

twenty eight

I had a very happy birthday.

Thank you Andrew for breakfast, decorating the kitchen (brown moving paper never looked so good), the love note and for sending me to IKEA with my Mom. It was a brilliant three hours of shopping.

Thank you Mom for spending the morning with me, the gift, the chocolate trifle and for the cute party you threw for Henry and me. You're the best.

Thank you Eliza, Henry and Charlotte for the hugs and loves and special pictures.

Thank you Bubba and Nanna for playing with my kids on Saturday, for taking them to the bread store for those cookies, for a yummy birthday dinner, for the gifts and for loving me despite my level of crazy. :)

Thank you Ami for thinking of me. You are so generous. 

Thank you Michelle for arranging another special delivery all the way from Canada. I'll set an appointment for MAY when we both can go!!

Thank you Karina for your darling card.

Thank you friends and family for the facebook messages & texts. I loved and appreciated them all.

I am a lucky girl. It's probably because I am a St. Patrick's Day baby. ;)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Henry Potter

 Our darling boy has glasses!


At Sunday dinner, my brother Mike made an unconventional observation. Pointing to Henry he says,

"If Daniel Radcliffe and your husband produced a child, he'd look like that." I have a hard time agreeing with my brother (on so many levels), but it is true that my unwavering devotion to the boy wizard has tripled as I imagine sharing those books with Henry in the coming years.

His reaction after putting them on for the first time made my heart swell. It was his expression at really seeing the optometrist that triggered the rush of emotion.

Laughing at his reaction, she asks him:

"Can you see me now?!" Nodding his head with enthusiasm he replies,

"Yes!" Looking around, he spies Lottie.

"And I can see Lottie too!" It was a happy moment. To celebrate his new glasses, I told him I'd take him to the bread store (Sara Lee bakery outlet) to pick out a package of doughnuts. How is that for stellar parenting? Don't answer that. As we're driving, Henry pipes up from the back seat.

"Wow! I really LIKE to be able to see, Mom!"  The adjustment is going well. The backs of his ears were tender in the beginning but that doesn't seem to be much of a bother to him now. Until his glasses become the norm, I will resist the temptation of presenting him with a wand, drawing a lightening scar on his forehead and wrapping him in a maroon and gold scarf.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Classic Tuesday

Driving to the DMV on Tuesday morning a familiar pang of anxiety clutched at my innards. I had a test to take. It's been years since I've felt the smattering of anticipation that accompanies the event of test taking. Even though I knew it was to be "open book," I was nervous. What if I failed? Would I jump back in my car and illegally drive to pick up my kids from school? My friend Kim's generous offer replayed through my mind as I drove.

"I would be happy to take Lottie for you while you are at the DMV."

"No, that's okay. We should be fine. I'll pack snacks, bring some toys for her..." She insisted and again, I kindly refused. After taking my personal worst license photo to date, and yes, I totally lied about how much I weigh,  I wheel Lottie over to my testing booth and begin the 25 question test. While skimming through the book, I search to find out which section of the state the mile markers begin its progression from 0 while I simultaneously do my best to keep Lottie quietly entertained. It was a challenging hour to say the least. The good news is, I didn't miss an answer. Again, a familiar taste of academic victory returned after years of being away from a classroom. Please, allow me to bask... even though it was open book... and there wasn't a time limit... You're so very kind.

March 9th marked one year since we moved back to Utah from South Carolina. You think I would have been eager to get a new Utah drivers license after how sad of an experience it had been to give it up three years ago. I'm just lazy.

The day only got better when we met with the Taylors and the Jensens for an afternoon at Classic Fun Center.
After the fun we had at Henry's party, I had them convinced that it was a great place to take all the kiddos. Fortunately the activity proved to be a great one even though we missed our Nanna Teresa. She had an accident shortly before they were planning to leave which resulted in an injured hand. We're thankful she is doing better and understand why she wasn't able to come.

 You'll never guess what we had for dinner. A post these days wouldn't be complete without mentioning that we ate pizza. The Taylors accepted a last minute invitation to come up to our house for dinner; so following a quick text to Andrew, we had Little Caesars in the works.
"Ya. They're real." - Andrew

After eating the kids ran over to our neighbors to play on their wonderful playground while the grown ups, Shipley and Lottie played a few rounds of Bocce. We were so happy that cousin Kara came over. She is officially our nearest and dearest family member as her and her husband live five minutes away from us. I hope this was the first of many visits to come! As for the Bocce, never volunteer to be on my team. I am a terrible player.

We loved the time spent with Andrew's family this week. Henry was eager for Tennessee to come back and play Wednesday morning which was pretty darn cute. We miss our New Yorkers like mad and hope they will get out to Utah again soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Henry had a birthday!

Our favorite little man has turned four! 

Henry, we love you very much.. 

Your laugh is probably my favorite sound in the world.

You are very thoughtful.
After returning from driving Eliza to school each day, 
you hold the door open for me without being asked.

You are a darling friend and loyal brother.

You love to have your back scratched.
Frequently you curl up next to me
and insist that I immediately commence 
scratching your back. And I do.

You are imaginative. 
Dinner time and driving in the car you share your 
"Once upon a time" stories. 
They usually include little boys named Henry as well as 
bats, alligators or witches... all of them are nice.

You sleep walk. 
It can be funny 
but it also scares me to death.
The staircase has me worried.

You're my music maker. 
You have embraced "singing time" in Primary
among other places.

You are a smart, brave boy!
 It has been a delight watching you grow and learn.
I love the pictures you bring home from school. 

Your little testimony is bright and 
hearing you talk of Jesus
strengthens me.

We love you Henry. 
Here's to another great year!

Your birthday began with balloons and pancakes. After Church we drove to Salt Lake to celebrate with a party at Nanna Teresa and Bubba's house. Adding to the fun was the arrival of the Taylor family! Visiting and playing with them was the "icing on the cake."   

Pretty great group, right? Thanks again Nanna for dinner, the awesome cake and gifts.

Henry's birthday bike

Having celebrated with friends a couple of days early, Andrew and I decided that we would wait and present Henry with his new bike on his actual birthday, Sunday, March 11th. Thinking it would be out of the way, I stashed it in the back corner of Andrew's man cave.

Saturday morning, Andrew invited Henry to tag along on his errand to buy oil. Thrilling, I know. Coming home, Henry meandered into the garage and made the discovery. Full of enthusiasm he exclaims,

"Whoa! Dad! Come look at that really cool bike!!" Panicking, Andrew offers a pathetic cover up.

"That's not a bike, Henry. That's just a really big picture of a cool bike." Wanting to trust his Dad, he accepts his response with a solemn,


Two minutes later, we make the unanimous decision to give him his bike right then.

Legos and Leprechauns

"Kiss me. I'm (not at all) Irish"

Henry's birthday celebration began last Wednesday when we met up with his party crew for a day at Classic Fun Center. There we enjoyed an afternoon of bouncing, pizza, birthday presents, roller skating and...


We were all set to go with a "doughnut cake" when I saw this idea floating around Pinterest the day before the party. Curse you Pinterest for your magical way of deceiving me into believing I can do these things! Off we went to collect the necessary ingredients. I thought that because the cakes were frozen Sara Lee 'already ready' pound cakes, that the project wouldn't be that time intensive. I forgot to factor in that I would be the one making this; so even with the help of Andrew, it took us two and a half hours. As expected, Henry's reaction to seeing his cake made our late night worth it. 

The morning of his party, Henry kept asking me in the sweetest of whispers,

"Can I go peek at my cake again?" It's been the topic of many conversations since. Another positive was that my prediction that most of it would end up in the garbage was proven false. I owe that achievement to Sara Lee because their was nothing special about the way that icing tasted.

The party favors were likewise well received. Lucky for me I had an assistant leprechaun helping me sort through all those candies. What a painful assignment, right?!

Other highlights from Henry's party include:
  • Henry's Daddy was able to take off work for the afternoon to be there
  • Cousin Sara and Eliza "dancing" in the roller rink
  • Lottie soaking herself in sprite. 
  • The small crowd of people
  • His friend's excitement as he opened their gifts
  • The DJ playing Henry's favorite song; Cee Lo Green's version of "Kung Fu Fighting." As Henry would say, "Oh ya, Bay-bah!"
  • Spoiling Henry with birthday love attention. He's not the type of kid who demands or expects much so when it's "his turn" to step into the spotlight, he's pretty darn cute.


Happy Birthday to my big four year old. I love you so much, Henry.