Thursday, May 31, 2012

Change in season

 (*said in an announcer's voice)

Ladies and Gentleman!!!
(*Yes, that's singular.
 I have to honor my single male reader. 
Hi Andrew!)
Please join me in welcoming back 
the Queen of Cliche, Ali Flegal!

Our weekly carpool routine, 
the sweet hugs born of that daily reunion, 
Henry's Monday morning play dates,
Eliza's yellow homework folder,
 and my one on one time with Lottie...
have all been suspended. 

It is summer! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  

The adjustment of having a child in Kindergarten was made months ago; yet it still feels fresh. I am continually surprised by the way certain comforts and familiarities of life quickly shift and change into something brand new. Not wanting to tarnish something sweet with feelings of sadness, I am doing my best to embrace new chapters. Rather than feeling sad when I look at the change that has occurred from the start of their school year, I will applaud and congratulate them on their academic growth! 

 Eliza's first and last day of Kindergarten!
 It makes me happy to see that his smile has stayed the same!
 Henry's last day of school!

Wanting to maintain that spirit of gratitude, I will discount the feelings of 'failure on the home front' when Henry says the following during family prayer...

"... And please bless Eliza and me to go back to school again really soon..." They both had great years!
I was, however, disappointed that Henry's preschool didn't have an end of year program/graduation/excuse to take an astronomical amount of pictures. I am always up for a performance. It doesn't get better than  hearing my small fleglets sing B-I-N-G-O and dance around on stage with puppets (etc.). Even so, I am super pleased with how much Henry has learned. At the age of three, I am not as concerned about academic milestones as much as I am with the social and emotional. Seeing the way he admires his big sister, Henry took pride and ownership of his preschool experience. If he wasn't through telling me about his day by the time we picked up Eliza, he would get upset, cut Eliza off abruptly and scold her for interrupting his thoughts; no matter how often his brain came up empty handed for additional detail.

Henry interacts with children well and I have to give a serious slice of credit to his preschool experience for that. He is learning to navigate the challenge of working things out with his peers away from the protective gaze of his Mom. His success at school translates, I believe, into a better environment of play at home with his sisters. As selfish as I am with my babies, I was at peace with the four hours we spent apart each week.

If you see me parked on the side of the road breathing deeply into a brown paper bag next September... well, that's how you'll know how I feel about Eliza spending ALL DAY in the first grade. Boo. :(

Henry is a bright, friendly and fun boy!! We are so so so lucky to have him. 
As for the forth coming picture fest of Miss Eliza, she did have an end of year graduation. The photos I took inside her school aren't the best quality, but the video turned out okay. Thank you Nanna Teresa, Aunt Katie and Andrew for coming to support her!
 She 'graduated' Wednesday, May 23. Friday the 25th was her last day. I'm pretty sure her posterity will be curious about that.
 As for her teacher, Miss Ashby, I can not sing her praises enough. She is tough, yet fair. Eliza and her classmates behaved incredibly well (when I was there to observe, anyway). They knew what she expected and acted accordingly. Eliza thrived in the environment she created. With children entering Kindergarten at different levels, I was pleased by the way Miss Ashby tailored Eliza's learning experience to her skill level. I wanted her to be challenged and I wanted Eliza to feel the pleasure that comes from accomplishment. 

In comparing what I remember learning in Kindergarten, to the things Eliza accomplished, I am blown away. Thanks to Miss Ashby, I feel confident that Eliza will do well next year when she begins the Chinese language program. It was something we prayed and pondered over when the time to apply came. More to come on why I believe these dual language programs are excellent... but for now, I tip my hat to Eliza and Henry for a job well done! WE LOVE YOU!

Now that the public display of sentimental verbiage has been issued, Lottie thus declares,

"Let's get this summer party started!!"


Mike Flegal said...

YAY for summer time funtime!!!
I read your blog too ya know..

Ali said...

To the southern gentleman who left me a comment, "Bless your heart!"

I stand corrected and love you for it.

Rachel Hoggan said...

Congrats Eliza! And good luck next year with the Chinese program. My cousin is in a Chinese immersion program in Utah. I wonder if it could be the same one Eliza is doing?