Sunday, May 20, 2012

A day downtown

 The fun continued last week with a trip to the Church History museum. After the children had their fill of the children's exhibits, we walked through Temple Square on our way to City Creek. Talon thought it was neat that we happened to bump into a two sister missionaries from Canada.
 Please allow us a little credit as we refrained from posing them in front of the temple in the traditional groom and bride fashion.
We found the one plot that was absent of flowers for this photo. Don't worry, by the time we walked back through to our cars, it was once more, fully planted. Temple square must be magical. 

 Lunch and playing among the dinosaurs followed.
 And to wrap up a fun afternoon, the children played in the fountains. This was before I was informed that children can't run around in swim suits alone. It is mandatory that they were clothing. (FYI)

When they were adequately numb with cold, we said our farewell for the day. 

Until next time!

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