Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disney, day 3

Once again, Andrew dropped the older children and me off at the park early. The plan to head straight to the Princess Fantasy Fair line didn't appeal to him... Surprising, I know! ;)
 With that being said, Andrew and Lottie were absent from our start of day photo. Despite that all important detail, as well as the  constipated expression of discomfort on Henry's face, I am pleased that we were able to have our picture taken next to the Mickey flowers.

As we stood (and stood) in line to meet Princess Tiana, Andrew and Lottie took their time finding their way to where we were. Deciding it would be nice to take a trip down Main Street via a Disney vehicle, he and Lottie parked it on a bench while they waited for the next vehicle to pick them up.

As Lottie played on the chosen bench, a surprise visitor sat down beside her and immediately began mimicking her movements. According to an eye witness, it was pretty cute.
 Knowing we were still comfortable in line, they hit a few rides in Fantasy land before joining us.
After adding a few more important signatures to their autograph books, we made a final trip to Toon Town. The train then took us to Tomorrow land where we demonstrated our proficiency in utilizing our Fast Passes in tandem with the Rider Swap.

As an example:

Two Fast Passes were issued to Autopia, while two went to Space Mountain. As a family we went on the submarine to Find Nemo. Andrew and Henry hit Autopia next; while Eliza and I made a run to the bathroom to change Lottie's bum (so fun, right?). After requesting a rider swap pass on our behalf, Eliza and I skipped the line to take our turn on Autopia. With two fast passes remaining for Space Mountain, Eliza and I jumped on that ride, requested a rider swap for Andrew and Henry on our way out. When we returned; off they went!! Did you catch all that? Wait, what... you're bored? It's okay, I just re-read it and I am too...
 Lunch in Critter Country followed... That afternoon we revisited a few of our favorites.

 Henry was seriously enchanted. Post trip, Henry is the one who brings up Disneyland the most.

"Hey Mom? Remember that one time we drove in this car to Disneyland? And how we woke up and kept going on the bus to Disneyland every day?..."

 One of my favorite photos from our trip...
 Splash Mountain... despite having fast passes, they weren't needed. That afternoon/early evening, the children walked onto that ride a whopping 9 times. I headed off with Lottie to purchase their chosen souvenirs while Andrew and the kids hit the ride on repeat.

After visiting the emporium, I scouted out our location for the evening parade. It was stellar. Due to the position of our bench, there wasn't a crowd of people behind or in front of us. As a result, our kids received a lot of attention (high fives, blown kisses, etc) from the cast members.
There are a few Disney videos I may post in the coming days, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. I mean, who wants to see the latest installment of Eliza dancing during the Disney Parade? So for now, I conclude the recap of our magical trip that I'm sure will remain a major highlight of 2012. 

 Thank you Andrew for making this trip possible!! You're the best.
 Until next time!


Kim and Franklin said...

I was actually enamored by your explanation of fast passes and rider swap; having heard you mention them in your previous post. They for sure didn't have rider swap in 2010 when we were there. Next trip we will be using those for sure!! Looks like you had fun. :)

Ali said...

Oh good! Thanks Kim! It was a huge advantage knowing about them, glad the info helped.