Sunday, May 6, 2012

Disneyland Day 1

My plan to have our family at the park a half hour early was thwarted by our hotel’s (lame sauce) shuttle schedule. What use is a free shuttle if they won’t take you to the park early? The first departure was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. – the same time the park opens. I guess that makes sense if you don’t care about having time to peruse Main Street, stop for the iconic photo-ops and/or possibly meet a character or two before they allow you full access into the rest of the park. Don’t worry. I was a good girl and decided quickly that I would get over my frustration and not allow for one of life’s inevitable hiccups to spoil my mood.

Based on Lottie’s reaction to the bus, I was eager for her to get a real taste of that Disney magic. As we drove along, she happily sang the word, “Weeeeeeeeee!!!” as she stared out the window. The experience, each day, was pure excitement for her. After that, our shuttle was thus deemed, “The Weeeeeee Bus.” 
All aboard, 'The weeee bus'... on our way to DISNEYLAND!!

Remember how I was determined not to let something silly spoil the magic? That resolution lasted about ten minutes. Once we arrived to pick up our actual tickets, I was (FALSELY) informed that we needed a confirmation page from our travel agency in order to collect them. Having practically memorized all paper work related to this trip AND having filed it all in sheet protectors before placing them in my pink Minnie Mouse travel binder (* Breathe Ali) I knew with absolute certainty that all we needed was our driver’s licenses.

After being instructed to return to our hotel to pick up our confirmation page, (sure let’s add another two hour delay to our morning… sounds awesome) I found myself super close to tears. We were seconds away from entering the happiest place on earth…. How could I have missed that imperative piece of INSTRUCTION?!

*Sigh. Someone with a brain caught sight of our unfolding drama and assured us that indeed the only thing needed was our I.D. Wanting to compensate the distraught Mother, we were given magic morning passes – YAHOO – and once again, all was well. When Disney applies an emotional band-aid, like everything else, it's magic. We were finally set to go!!

Monday’s magical moments included:

  • Ten minutes away from being seated on our first ride, Dumbo, Henry informs me in a tone of complete urgency,
“I have to go potty RIGHT now.” Classic. We made it back in time to rejoin our family for the ride.

  • Most of that morning was spent on rides that Lottie could ride on too. It’s a small world after all was a huge hit, as were the teacups.

  • Princess Eliza was introduced to a Fairy Godmother in training at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It was here that she was transformed into a princess. After choosing her hair style, she was dolled up right before my eyes. Nail polish, make up and a wand full of glitter was all part of the process.
  •   After saying the magic words, a boat load of glitter was sprinkled over her as she thought about her special wishes. It was an experience I hope she will treasure as much as I will. 
  • Soon after we left, we happened upon Princess Aurora. 
  • Speaking of meeting someone special...earlier that morning, we spent time in Toon Town.
  •  The kids met Goofy and Minnie Mouse. 
  • It turns out Henry is intimidated by Minnie. He was so shy that he strongly protested having her sign his book and pose for a picture. I hope we didn't hurt her feelings! 
  • That Gadget go coaster was a huge hit. It was also the first ride we took advantage of Disney's Rider Swap program – super awesome.
  •  We ate six dollar corn dogs for lunch. That’s something you can’t say everyday (thank goodness).
  • After deciding it was lame to be scared on rides (ie: Pirates of the Caribbean), Eliza decided that she would choose to be brave. The five of us toured the Haunted Mansion where every few minutes Eliza would recite, “It’s not real, right Mom?” or “That didn’t scare me at all.”
  • Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain railroad were also favorites that day. I particularly loved watching Henry on the Jungle Cruise. 
  • We ended the night with the parade! 
  • The vote was unanimous from the start that bringing Lottie was a great decision. When she wasn't absorbed in her surroundings, she was overwhelmed. She reacted to that with a desire to be cuddled. It was delicious. I was prepared for tantrums, but they never came. She drifted too sleep in the stroller when she needed a rest. Overall, she was an absolute delight. 
  • With the help of an A.Flegal designed partition, as well as the exhaustion fueled by a day at Disney, sleeping in a room all together was not a big deal. 
 (That white blanket is covering an ironing board)

Coming up next: The Flegals do California Adventure with the King of Fun, Uncle Mike!


Vause Family said...

I'm convinced you loved Disneyland more than your children. So glad you had a good time!

Melissa said...

So great! It doesn't look like it was too crowded for you guys. Can't wait to read more! Now you've got me dreaming of our next trip.

Karina said...

Looks so fun! I'm SO glad that Lottie was such a peach for you. Now I can start fantasizing about the day we'll take our family. :)

Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia, Naomi} said...

Ok, I've been a million times with my own kids (seeing how we live here in So Cal & all) but seeing your kids there for their very first time brought tears to my eyes! Isn't Disney magical?!?!?! Absolutely love it & can't wait to read more about your trip.