Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Eliza!

 Let's count them, folks!
 One, two, three,
five and

Before I turn super sappy (which is totally allowable on the anniversary of a child's birth), here are the details of her special day.
I joined Eliza, the star student of the week, in her classroom that day. Volunteering is more for my selfish benefit than any other. Watching Eliza's classmates interview her provided inward squeals of delight. Next up, for Eliza's 'share and teach' moment, she taught her class how to draw angry birds and pigs. She seriously is an artist.
Speaking of angry birds, welcome to the theme of her birthday party.
 When the guests arrived, they were invited to construct their very own angry bird.
The activities were a replica of what Andrew did with the Scouts for the Blue and Gold banquet last March. Eliza was thrilled with the idea when he suggested a repeat for her party. Following dinner, Eliza opened her gifts. She was bursting her buttons to start the unwrapping process.
The merriment was interrupted by a flock of green, unruly pigs.
Andrew was quick to tie them down to a box of explosives. What can I say? He loves bacon.
 Batter up! And off they went. The slingshot was back in action. The children (and adults) took their turn trying to take out the pigs. It was a lot of fun. Everyone, with the exception of Eliza, was super intrigued.
 "It's my party and I can
PAINT (instead)
if I want too..."

To her credit, her birdhouse ended up with a couple of really cool green pigs on it. At some point, tattoos were distributed to the children.
Don't worry. Uncle Mike saw to it that Lottie wasn't left out. When I was out of view, he went to work demonizing my poor sweet child.
Just in time for her first week of nursery.
 Three cheers for the family (Blasers included) who made the trip up to help us celebrate. We love you, all.
 In lieu of cake, cupcakes and ice cream... Eliza blew out her birthday candle on a s'more.
Did somebody say s'mores? 

For most, that's where the party ended. However, for five cousins... that's when the real party began.

 Slumber party time... and thankfully for the parents involved, they slumbered deeply.

 And finally, a note to my Eliza:

Dear Eliza,

In my daily effort to express my love and affection for you, I'm fairly consistent. It's a relief that we remain close in this way. With you wired similarly, it is without a feeling of constraint that I can pick you up in my arms, kiss your face and whisper in your ear that I love you so very much.

The night before your birthday, we found ourselves, along with your brother and sister, in Lottie's room. As I read our evening story and sang our bedtime songs, you took notice of my vacant lap. Taking advantage of the moment, you crawled right up. As we rocked, I reminded you that the chair we sat in, belonged to you first. That made you smile.

As a newborn, I marveled at the pace in which you grew.  At night, when I'd come into nurse you... I'd measure you with my eyes; head to toe. Feeling a panic, I would find relief in a self made promise. In the morning, you'd still be the same size; probably. If you grew, it wouldn't be too noticeable.

Oh how I loved that you wanted to soak in the moment with me. Tomorrow you will be six, I thought. Once again, time has both blessed and betrayed me! It's gone so fast, but I'm thankful for each day.

You are an intelligent, hard working, sensitive child. I'm grateful everyday for each favor that you fill, for your forgiving heart when I fall short and for the endless supply of love you share to Henry and Lottie. You love to play with friends, laugh with your Dad, spend time outside and create project after project with your hands.

You have a special relationship with your Heavenly Father. The faith you exercise has led to some special experiences... one in particular that was saved for my old fashioned journal. Thank you for your determination to choose what is right, for your love and friendship.

We love you more than you know.

Mom (and Dad).  

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