Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Trails

I am sad to report that our time with the Blasers has been spent. It's terrible to admit this, but I haven't told the children that they have left Utah yet. Fortunately for Michelle, she was spared an awkward and emotional "Goodbye" as we didn't anticipate that last Monday would be the final outing. Life happened and both of our weeks filled up with conflicting obligations and plans.

Feeling that I should focus on the positive, looking back I am cheered by the new bundle of memories we were able to collect while they were here. We enjoyed the Dinosaur park, two birthday parties, Lagoon, the Church history museum, City Creek, pedicures and a few play dates at my house. The cherry on top was the visit to a nearby farm that belongs to a friend of Michelle's family.

It's true. Michelle has connections all over the place and lucky for us, we were able to tag along. Why she didn't offer to smuggle me onto their cruise next week still has me baffled. ;) 
 Here, Henry checks out two of the eight horses that were there.
There was much exploring to be done while they waited for Apache to be saddled. 
 Lottie and Clay both were huge fans of the chickens.
 They couldn't stop babbling about it. The older children were given two eggs to take home. Not all of the eggs survived the drive home. Let's just say we had a few (raw) scrambled egg shirts when it was all said and done.
Lottie preferred her experience with the cat to the few seconds she spent on the horse. 

First up to ride the horse was Eliza.
Apache belongs to "Uncle Brett," Michelle's brother, and his wife. We are very thankful for all the work they did in providing us with this experience.

Cute Henry was in heaven.
I made a comment to Andrew about how content each child was. In place of a swing set there was a long line of fencing for them to climb. Rather than a yard full of toys, there were animals that captured their full attention. 

"It's the way God intended it to be!" Andrew blurted back in response. Sweet Andrew. As much as he enjoyed Disneyland, he has explained that amusement parks are not his 'brand of happy.' You don't have to look far to guess what is.   
Wide open spaces, land, live stock, bales of hay, tractors, 
well I suppose any type of heavy machinery would do...
gardens and orchards, DIRT...

Old McDonald has a farm 
and Andrew wants a piece of it. 
 and so does he.

Most of Henry's night was spent next to Piper. They bonded. Before buckling into his car seat, he announced that he had to say Goodbye to his horse, 'just one more time!'

Eliza fell in love with this kitten.
 I would have been fine taking her home.
The surprises continued up until we left. We discovered the rabbits, mice and hamsters just before we loaded back into the car. It was a great night. 
Until next time Blasers,

 we will be missing you!

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*Jess* said...

I'm so glad you guys got to spend so much time together! And yeah... she totally could have stuffed you into her suitcase for the cruise :)