Sunday, May 20, 2012

Have a GREAT day... (so we did)

As an early Mother's day gift, Andrew rushed me out the door Saturday morning. Eliza and Henry followed close behind. 

"Seriously, you ought to go. You need this." He encouraged.

"Really?" I turn back for another dose of his assurance. "But aren't you going to come with us?"

"It's Mother's day, after all." He returned, "enjoy it with those two. Lottie and I will spend the day together." With my backpack of supplies ready to go, the children and I hopped in the car and drove to Lagoon.


*sound the alarm*


Okay, okay. That's not exactly how it went down. The part where Eliza, Henry and I went to Lagoon, well that actually happened. But the image of Andrew graciously shoving me out the door, didn't. It sounded more like this. 

"Lagoon?" I was prepared for this. "We just went to Disneyland. It's a bit too soon, don't you think?" My comeback was executed flawlessly. 

"But, honey, we are going with the Blasers." He has a soft spot for them too. "Michelle and I have had this on our calendar for months." Remembering a previous conversation that we indeed had, he nodded in agreement. Clasping my hands, I twirl around to give him a kiss of thanks. Later on, he would officially decline the invitation to come along; which led to his thoughtful offer to keep Lottie home with him.

I appreciated Andrew supporting the plan. We had the best day.  I apologize that this blog has turned into a gaggy boast fest of, "Guess what we just did." If you can't tell, we're trying to squeeze in a year of memories into the few weeks we have with our friends. With that in mind, let's keep the party going!

 Eliza and Talon were right where they needed to be, height wise, to go on many of the thrill rides. A few times that day, Michelle and I alternated taking our big kids on the coasters, while the other would stay with the other three. For the most part, however, the six of us stuck together.

Four hours into the day, the excitement was still fresh. Bouncing up and down, Talon would look up at us both with anticipation. Enthusiastically he'd ask,

"Can I go on this ride with Eliza?" We gave the same, automatic answer of, "Yes, of course!" And as they did the ride before, they'd celebrate their good fortune.

As for Henry, he carried the spirit of Lagoon right back home.

"Hey Henry," Eliza calls from the other side of the breakfast table. "Will you please pass the syrup?" Grabbing the bottle, he slides it over to where she sits.

"Here you go, Eliza." He chirps happily. Not giving her a chance to thank him properly, he grandly adds,"And have a GREAT day here, at Lagoon!"

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