Thursday, May 31, 2012

Object lesson

 Monday evening, Memorial Day to be precise, Eliza directs the following question at me.

"What are we going to be learning about tonight for family home evening?" She continues to sound more and more parental. It's unnerving at times. Before I allow the feelings of shame to take hold, I remember that it's Andrew's week to take charge.

"I'm not sure, Eliza. Why don't you ask Daddy." Currently, we're seated on a blanket on the lawn. Turning her attention to Andrew, she watches as he hauls another self made, cedar garden box toward it's new home.

"Daddy, what are we going to learn about for home evening?" She hollers. Settling the wood into place, he offers a smile. His reply is simple.

"Self reliance." Hitting the dirt off of his gloves, he turns back toward the garage to retrieve another grow box. He followed up with remarks which reinforced our belief that Heavenly Father wants us to be self reliant, etc... but more than anything, he let his actions of the day do the teaching.
 Not wanting to make him blush, I will refrain from expressing how sexy attractive he is when he is hard at work, in the thick of his man zone. 
 To be clear, his vision isn't complete. He intends to dig in each grow box and level them off. For those green thumb junkies out there, here's a look at his master plan.

Weeding will most definitely be on our summer to do list. On a side note: It's okay if you don't know what chard is. I didn't either. After sampling a piece our first year of marriage, it's been categorized as 'Pioneer food' at our house; consumption optional.  

Who is going to teach me to can? Anyone?


For two dollars, you to can purchase a red bucket from Firehouse subs. It's a pickle turned garden bucket that Andrew bought back in South Carolina. Andrew thinks this a pointless piece of information, but for me it's a strong memory as I clearly remember the pickle stench that settled deeply into my car following its purchase.

The best part of being married to a man with stellar work ethic is that he includes his kids. They trail behind him, helping where they can and observing his man skill. He's pretty great.


mmhamblin said...

So the buckets still smell like pickles? We are at firehouse at least once a week and I've thought of getting some to store my flour and sugar in. Do you think the smell would come out?

Andrew Flegal said...

I scrubbed them with soap several times. The smell does not go away. I wouldn't use them for anything inside the house. Especially not food. I store outdoor Christmas lights in one (which now smell like pickles) and another for gardening.

jamie t. said...

I too love a man all dirty in the yard!

Ali said...

Melissa, you are awesome for commenting on the red buckets. It validated my point that the red bucket information matters!

And yes, Jamie, I have thought while reading your blog that our husbands share similar interests/commonalities... super cool wives being chief among them! ;)

Becky Sharp said...

Your backyard looks like a little slice of heaven! I can't wait to visit someday. :)