Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'roaring' good times

Leave it to Michelle to travel with a birthday party tucked away in her suitcase. After three days of traveling from Canada (where they now live) to her family in Utah, Michelle jumped out of the car and threw together a birthday party for her special little man Nate.  
In true Blaser style, the night was complete with games, a craft, cupcakes and creamies. I am lucky to say that I've been around for all of Nate's birthdays. It wouldn't be right to have missed his third!

Lottie and Andrew weren't able to come to the party. That morning (Saturday, May 5), Lottie woke with a shockingly high fever. Tylenol wouldn't touch it.After running different tests at the doctor's office, I was told it was most likely a virus. After hours and hours of sleep, a Priesthood blessing from her Dad and Grandfather, she woke up the next day well. Henry and Eliza came down with the same illness in the days that followed. In sharing my thoughts on the intense virus, I explained to Andrew that it seemed like it was a seven day illness slammed into one. The children were miserable as they took their turn shivering and sweating from the fever. They slept and slept, ate nothing and thankfully woke up, after hitting 24 hour mark, appearing to be 100% better.

Last to be hit, Eliza rebounded just in time to meet the Blasers at the Dinosaur Park. I was clear with Michelle about the illness that had just invaded our home prior to the play date. She gave the go ahead and off we went. Why we have never been to the park when it is so close to our home is beyond me! The kids had a great time! 
Can you see the children standing underneath the belly of the dinosaur?
 Talon and Eliza weren't the only ones who had some catching up to do. Henry, Colby and Nate also jumped right back into playing without hesitation.
We returned to my house where we gave Lottie and Clayton a nap, introduced the boys to our sandbox and made chocolate chip cookies. I apologize for the consistent cliche commentary, but seriously it felt like 'old times.'


Liz Green said...

The dinosaur park looks like fun. We'll have to hit it when we come visit next month.
Chantel just went to bed with a slight fever. I hope her's isn't as bad as Lottie's virus.

*Jess* said...

I can't believe Nate's three already!