Monday, May 14, 2012

Walk with me

It's with great happiness that I am able to bring back a familiar face to the Flegal family blog. A year has passed since Talon and Eliza have appeared side by side in a photo. That's what I like to call, a crying shame.
(May 2011)
Even so, we'll (happily) take what we can get!

But first, here's a look back at their friendship turned arranged betrothal.
These photos represent a small sampling of the collection that occupies space on our hard drive. In explaining our friendship with the Blasers to a neighbor today, I struggled to find the *right words to describe how important a role they played on our lives during our South Carolina chapter.

* Words come easy, but at times, I speak before I properly think through my thoughts. Cue moments of an awkward nature... insert foot in mouth, again...and/or the realization strikes that I'm actually not at all funny.

Watching the children effortlessly resume their friendship filled me with instant delight as well as the occasional stab of sadness that this is no longer our norm.

 Wanting to display both brains and beauty, Eliza sported a pair of lens free glasses that she swiped from Nanna Teresa's dress up box.

Their day at the Dinosaur Park proved that yes, dinosaurs most certainly are extinct... but (you totally know where I'm going with this...)
... their love isn't.
 After snapping a photo of all the kids, Talon requested that we take one more of just the two of them.
It's a return to their normal. *Tear.

It has to be said that Talon's Mom's emotional make-up is a lot more stable than my own. I am not a crazy person (*feel free to validate this in the comment section, please), but she is like super rational and level headed. If we were a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream, she'd be the almond to my marshmallow. Pardon me? What's that you say? I just proved my, I don't think before I type, comment? Lame analogy, I agree. What I wanted to illustrate is that you aren't alone in wondering why cool people like Michelle Blaser hang out with me.

And with that, the shift from Disney to all things Blaser is complete. It may be tricky, but hopefully I can take note of other honorable mentions of late which include: Eliza's 6th birthday, Mothers Day and Lottie's first day of nursery (that's a biggie, right?) oh yes, and the arrival of the latest season of Bachelorette...


*Jess* said...

Happiness beyond words that your families were reunited! I miss both of you guys so much!

Karina said...

You aren't a crazy person.