Sunday, May 6, 2012

What happens in Vegas

.... most definitely ends up on the family blog. Remember that kids!
Karina proved to be the hostess with the mostest long before we arrived. Following the invitation to stay with her family, she sent a well thought out list of possible, family friendly, Vegas activities. After settling on this aquarium, it was decided that we’d meet there.
 The children and adults were equally delighted. Becca warmed up to us quickly as she decided that sitting on my lap to watch the fish was a fun thing to do. 
Not only did we watch the fish feeding extravaganza (they don't really call it that, it just adds dramatic effect), but there was also a mermaid show (ooooh, ahhhhh). It was well done. And, Andrew would have me add, it was totally FREE. That gets a huge thumbs up from him.  

Following dinner, we went to the Bellagio Hotel. After having our fill of the beautiful displays of flowers, we made our way outside to watch the fountains. I was eager to replace the memory of watching them via an episode of the Bachelor with memories of my own.

 I know. 
It's totally hot to where your Target diaper bag 
when hanging out at the Bellagio.
I do what I can.
{Luckily my kids aren't old enough to be embarrassed by me in public}

I was fortunate to be holding Lottie when it began. She was simultaneously thrilled and frightened by the experience. Her concern produced the need to be cuddled. I loved it. 

Lottie and Becca bonded on the drive home. They kept holding hands.  It was super cute.
 It wasn’t long until the children were comfortably passed out at Hotel Moore, which left us time to visit and play Quiddler. Pancakes and a buffet of syrup, courtesy of Chef Karina, were on the menu the following morning. Eliza and Henry were delighted when she presented them with their own Mickey and Minnie pancakes.
As they prepared to leave for Church, we jumped back into the car.
"So long, farewell!"

Thanks again Karina and Devin for having us over. We look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake soon.


Karina said...

Hooray! I made it into my number one favorite blog! :D
Thanks so much for coming, it's so good to hang out with family/friends/cool people. ;)

Karen said...

I love Lottie's expressions. They are awesome.