Tuesday, June 26, 2012

baby girls do grow up

This morning I spotted a toddler strutting around our home like she owned the place.

"Can she really belong to me? What happened to my baby?" I wonder.

Pressing an imaginary 'pause' button on life, I hope to capture a few Lottie-isms in an effort to reassure myself that this darling toddler who know occupies our home is actually ours.

Her round brown eyes, which are highlighted by Snuffuluffagus sized eye lashes, don't resemble her blue-eyed siblings, but are lovely just the same. Her frame is petite, her hands dainty and mannerisms feminine. The crown of wild curls that adorn her head seem to suit her free spirited personality.

Refusing to be confined to a high chair, Lottie insists on standing on a chair at the kitchen table during meal time. In fact, she has no problem kicking me out of my own seat if she senses that I am happily occupied. When it's time to run an errand, she is the first one to the door. As soon as the car door is open, she quickly helps herself to anyone's car seat, except her own. If she discovers Henry or Eliza sitting upon her royal throne (Mom's lap), she will rage. Some would say that type of jealous behavior would be off-putting, but I can't help but find such a strong and open display of possession affection endearing. ;)  

Curly hair, a permanently messy face and a smile that melts my innards are other hallmarks of this phase. Hearing her answer simple questions and respond to a request fills me with delight. I've traveled down this road two times before, but the thrill of watching a child begin to communicate feels fresh and new. If Lottie spots a pair of shoes or walks past someones bedroom, she enjoys telling me who they belong too. Disciplining her has proven to be difficult as she relishes the attention. Not wanting to out myself, I will skip the part where I planned to tell you how adorable it is watching her dance and sing along to Justin Bieber and Lady Gagy as we drive in the car: "A-be, A-be, A-be, Oooooh"

She has a special bond with each sibling. She thinks Henry is hysterical. Eliza, who remains a huge help to me as she fulfills favor after favor, feels territorial as she sees Lottie eyes her belongings. We've caught a small glimpse of what's to come and ... oh boy. We're in for a teenage sized treat!

Here's a cute video, for lack of a better description.

Busy keeping tabs on her brother and sister, Lottie went behind my back and transformed from a baby to a toddler. 
This is what 'arts & crafts' looks like at my house. For anyone wanting to post this activity to Pinterest, the instructions are as follows:
Forget the bib.
Remove lid from yogurt.
(jello works well for this activity too)
Discard all proper eating utensils.
Dip each finger into the yogurt 
and smear on your
palette of choice!
 So much fun, right Lottie?
 We sure love you, big girl. 

And because I am rebelling against the idea to add these remaining photos onto a separate post, here's a few random extras:
 The children were delighted when Callie, Mia and Emee came by last week after an afternoon of swimming. We had to pass up their offer to go, but are happy they still made time to include Eliza afterward.

 Delicious muffins, play-dates with cousins, outings to the park... how about one more reason to smile, Eliza?!
Your cast comes off tomorrow!!

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Catherine said...

I hear ya! Since Lottie was born about the same time as my little Sarah, it's been fun to watch Lottie grow up TOO quickly and go from baby to toddler.

By the way, that video is the cutest ever Ali!