Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a blurb about blogging

It's official. After five, faithful, years of blogging; Andrew and I now pay $ 2.95 a month for 'storage' so I can continue to blog without interruption. To surmise how I feel about this sudden (albeit small) financial development, I would use the phrase:
Completely lame.

An alternative would be to start a new blog altogether but the idea of having our history cut-off troubles me. I was tempted to graffiti the page with advertisements as a way to earn back the monthly payment, but again, felt a high level of hesitancy. I can't clearly articulate why I feel this way. Let's just say that if I were to ever monetize a blog, it would be something entirely separate from my family (read: a coupon, fitness, cooking, advice giving, entertainment writing - type of blog).

Perhaps, I could write an at home organization blog. The problem with that is I am only a semi-organized person. A more realistic option would be to write commentary on the television that rules my life (Welcome back GLEE PROJECT!! This spin-off from Glee, in my opinion, is loads better than the actual show itself.), but the shame of it all would be to heavy to bear (wink). The list of possibilities is small and the problem of only being semi-committed or simply 'kind of good' at something (example: coupons) is a common problem.Until that day, when I wake up the incredibly fit, am deemed a brilliant cook, feel creative and crafty to the core and believe myself to be full of wisdom... my blog will remain centered on my life as a wife and Mother, void of ads. 

My feelings for blogging continually fluctuate.

The love I feel for blogging was initially born from the interaction and support I had from readers. Everyone loves a comment and I was happy to leave them as well. I have made "friends" via the blog which should be weird, but isn't. Over time, this aspect of blogging diminished. I had to learn to move past the feelings of disappointment that my blog's cool factor had dwindled. Moving back from Germany will do that to any blog. ;) More than that, however, is the paranoia that I sometimes feel that I might offend someone. Insecure as I am, I don't want critics visiting the blog. 

The urgency to blog has waned a great deal since moving back to Utah. The family members who I felt needed to be kept up to date are now regularly seen. The people we moved away from, that we are still in touch with, don't seem to rely on the blog a great deal to keep up on our happenings (hello, facebook). Jessie, you are the huge exception to this! There are other members of our family whom are out of state that stay in touch with us through the blog; which also keeps me motivated.

However, it's the appreciation I have for blogging that keeps me writing on a (semi) regular basis. The details that seem so mundane quickly become precious memories. When I look back at what I've written these past five years, I want to give my younger self a hug.

I also carry a hope that my kids will enjoy seeing their childhood through their Mother's eyes when they are older. But you never know. They might end up resenting me horribly for sharing so much of their life in such a public way. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I love writing. Perhaps if I sewed or could draw a straight line, I would spend less of my free time doing this. But for now, this is my hobby. It includes preserving memories of my kids so the guilt factor is low. At some point, a sudden desire for privacy might trump all the perceived benefits and things will change. Until then, we will continue to pay our new monthly fee with grace (ha ha ha), unless someone has a solution that I have overlooked. For those who have stuck around for each measly little word, I say thank you for your friendship.


Karina said...

Thank YOU for YOUR friendship. I am so glad you keep blogging, especially since I don't like FB that much. You are such a talented writer; I look forward to reading each post. Love you!

Kim and Franklin said...

I love your blog! I dread the day I have to start paying but will surely make the same decision as you.

*Jess* said...

I really really do appreciate the fact that you still blog :) You won't ever regret it since it really does serve as a journal/online scrapbook.

My advice? resize your photos before you upload so they don't take up too much space :)

I'm A. said...

You are an awesome blogger and a great write. I still read your blog, even if you don't know it. :)

And what is this about a monthly fee?!

Lara said...

I'm glad you still blog - you're a great writer and I love to read up about your family. Good work keeping it all going. :)

Claudia said...

Ali, I still love to read your blog regularly, to see your darling children learn and grow and the way you describe it. I just don't know what to say for a comment... But I, too, loved to preserve memories. When I met you in Bonn Eliza was just a cute toddler! My parents in law had invited you and Andrew for dinner while you were visiting. I would be glad if you keep on writing! said...

So first, I love reading your writing so definitely don't stop. Secondly, I had the same problem...but guess what I did AFTER I deleted 150 old posts...didn't clear up any space ps. So I just added my old gmail address as a reader and then as an author. The space is stored through your gmail account so if you use another one or add Andrew's as a secondary author you have twice as much space ;) Do you print yours? We use and print a book each thing ever. Raquel will spend hours looking at it over and over. Totally worth the money. And play date soon ;)

rachel garber said...

I still faithfully read your blog and totally feel the same way you do about monetizing. I also feel like I faber nothing to ever write about now that I am married and have no kids, no gangsters and life is just mundane. But please keep writing! I don't Facebook and know that one of these days, we will actually meet since I have stalked you since Germany :)

Paparazzi Boutique said...

If it makes you feel any better, I've been paying $5.00 a year for the last 2 years to house our photos. I surpased the limited FREE amount a long time ago and so feel the $5 annually is worth it. I mean, that's less than one lunch at Wendy's. At the end of each year I have books printed from our blog and my kids and I love pulling out the old ones clear back to 2007 and rereading what our lives were like each year. It's such a small price to pay for journaling our family. Just think, it would cost you more than $2.50 to buy one paper journal to write in instead of using your online blog. And that would be hard to pass around to all of us. I say money well spent. We enjoy reading about your family. I mean, we only live 1 block away but our paths never cross so blogging is great!

Jessica said...

I had no idea this could happen! My day is probably coming... I don't know what I will do at that time. You are a gifted writer and whenever I take the time to read your blog (sorry I don't have time to ready everything, I haven't even posted Christmas on my blog yet!) I always enjoy it immensely. Thanks friend!