Wednesday, June 20, 2012

casting the father's day scene

To the greatest 'catch' of my life, Happy Father's day!

  Ah, come on. How could I resist such an easy 'line'?

When our relationship was a few weeks old, Andrew introduced me to that same boat up at Jordanelle Reservoir. I remember trying to assist him as he transferred the boat from the trailer into the water. Having proven myself practically useless, he ended up loading it up on his own, He-Man style, when it was time to leave. At least I had brought the food. That morning I had ordered him a Subway sandwich, another first in our relationship, and remember it being a total guessing game as I had zero idea what vegetables, bread, meat combinations and/or toppings he liked and didn't like.

"What kind of chips should I choose? What about Doritos? Everyone likes those! Right?!? Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch? Shoot, I hope I have gum in my purse." ;)

Those were the days when putting on a pair of size 2 capris was as effortless and easy as it was for him to offer forgiveness over the fact that his sandwich was smothered with onion and pickle... *Sigh. It would be another six months before he would correct me on the proper way to spread miracle whip on his bread. In case you're wondering, a healthy smattering of condiment has to cover the entire slice of bread. You can not neglect the edges. Slapping a bit of it in the middle and swirling it around in a messy array is not acceptable. I would learn this, and other quirks, as our relationship progressed.

Blessing of all blessings... that quirky fisherman would become my husband and the Father of my children. My reign on that boat, however, would be short lived. Since that time, my seat has been taken by another young lady... and her darling brother.
Waking up a pair of sleepy children, I saw to it that they were ready and loaded into the car door bright and early. After lining them up for a mandatory Mom picture, it was easy to tell that Andrew, subdued expression and all, was the most excited to go. I confess to feeling a pang of sadness as I watched them leave without me, but am pleased to say that the group of explorers returned home with some positive reviews.
"We discovered our own private beach, Mom!" She reported. It's been determined that next time they go, Lottie and I will get to come. Their discovery seems to be a perfectly acceptable place to deposit the two of us while Andrew makes a fishing run with the older two.

With huge smiles, Eliza and Henry returned home in soggy, wet clothes. They raced to tell me the details of their morning. Having already received a call following the incident, Eliza gave an update on how her smashed finger was doing after she injured it while climbing into the boat. I thought it was cute that they kept using the word "nibbled" to describe their interaction with the fish. Sadly, nothing had been caught, but it didn't seem they felt to bad about that. I also learned that in his excitement to play on the beach, Henry had neglected the fact that he had to go potty.

"Hit the lake!" Andrew instructed as he observed the dribble on Henry's leg. Both children came home sporting a deep sunburn across their legs, just above their knees. So yes, they'd had their share of bumps that morning.
Even so, the trouble spots were nothing as we are all in agreement that the hassle was worth the new and exciting memory. Three cheers for a Dad who is always up for taking his family on an adventure and who is teaching his children how to work hard and play hard. 
"Did somebody say adventure?" Later in the afternoon, Andrew fed our excitement for an upcoming adventure when he set up our first tent! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
And you know what else? Bubba loves a great adventure too. You don't have to look far to see why Andrew is the way he is. We love you Bubba!  Thank you for raising Andrew. Because of you, the business of Fatherhood is a natural fit for him.

It was a treat to be able to spend Father's day in Salt Lake. I was able to sneak over to my parents home to spend sometime with my own Dad whom I love and admire very much. In short, I think my Dad is brilliant. He leads a consecrated life. Despite being a warm, friendly and outgoing person, he is humble which is why he will most likely writhe in pain if he reads this little shout out. Sorry, Dad! He provided me with a happy, special childhood and can be counted on for sound advice when needed. I love you, Dad.


Liz Green said...

So I take it, that's the new tent you'll be sleeping in at Lake Powell?

Can't wait to see you! I'm sure our boys would love to fish together in Powell.

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

This is Katie. What a sweet post about your man.