Friday, June 8, 2012

Pink Crocs

You would be proud to know that the outrage disappointment I felt when we discovered that the video camera was malfunctioning during Eliza's dance recital was remarkably short lived. In a matter of seconds I decided to get over it so I could fully enjoy her moment on stage, despite the fact that we would leave the auditorium without proper footage.

In an effort to capture the memory with words, I feel that it's important to comment on Eliza's inspiring amount of enthusiasm. She stood out, in a fire cracker sort of way, as she tackled her dance moves full on. I was impressed that she remembered her choreography so well and quietly ashamed at how often I've deemed her dance moves as being a source of comic relief. Truth be told, she genuinely looked like a dancer. I was super proud and cheered my face off in the audience to let her know.

As for the final detail, I will always remember the confused delight that was shared by her row of supporters as we watched her spring onto the stage in her bright pink crocs. Eliza forgot to remove them ahead of time and her teacher, it was quite obvious, neglected to remind her.

Eliza, and her crocs, in all her dancing glory.
At least they weren't orange or blue...

Her class danced to a hyped up version of the hokey pokey. The innocent nature of the song helped tone down the "Toddler and Tiaras" costume vibe. I sure thought those ruffles were cute, though!
Adding to the fun she's had this year was this special friend. I'm happy they were able to experience this together. Aren't they beautiful?!? She is one of Eliza's best friends.
Rock on, sisters!

Following the recital, my parents came back to our house for dessert and a friendly game of ladder ball. They spent a lot of time in the car just so they could share in those two minutes and forty five seconds with us (the length of her dance). It was appreciated by all of us.
 Thank you so much for coming!

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