Wednesday, June 13, 2012


And while it's unfortunate that Eliza's arm has been taken hostage by a hot pink brick of plaster, her injury has provided the necessary 'breaking point' (get it?) I've been looking for to begin a friendly game of blogger catch up. It's not even worth expressing my hope that I'll keep this rewind brief, because looking at my track record, it would be a promise made in vain. IT IS ALWAYS IN VAIN!
Memorial day weekend , there was a solar eclipse. Andrew tackled this at home science project with deep, nerd like, enthusiasm.  

 As we watched the eclipse progress, we held hands, swayed back and forth and sang, "Total Eclilpse of the Heart." Okay, mostly I sang it since Andrew only knows five words of the song and cares about what the neighbors think.
 Earlier that same weekend, Andrew took Henry to the airshow at Hill Air Force base. They showed up the same time the rain did. Luckily, the mess of traffic did not have time to unravel itself before the sun came back out. Still in line waiting to exit, they flipped back around and scored a stellar seat. Eliza had her mind made up that if she went, an airplane would crash directly on to her, turning her into a concrete pancake. Sorry Lottie, but I opted out on your behalf; which left us at  home. Don't worry about us though; unpacking groceries was super fun.

Two days before Eliza took her spill from her bike, we met Aunt Jen and company for a lovely outing. Each having our own train enthusiast, we thought it would be fun to ride Frontrunner downtown to play at the splash pad at Gateway. It is much larger than city creek's and they permit children to play in swimsuits. We picked a good day considering it ended up being the hottest day of 2012. 

It made me happy to see Brynn and Eliza bond. Brynn came home with us and played for a few hours. Cousins are awesome.

We made it down to see Grandma Popcorn too. She is as special as can be. We all thought her roses were lovely; with the exception of Henry. Losing his balance (this is becoming a most unfortunate family trend lately), he fell backwards into a rose bush. They attacked! Henry was left with horrible scratches from the nasty thorns. Other than that mishap, we had a great visit.

 The popcorn is great, but my favorite thing about visiting Grandma is watching Andrew interact with her. He becomes her loyal puppy dog. Sitting on the floor, he looks up at her and promises her the world as they talk. His tenderness is born of incredible love and respect. I like those soft sides.
We sure love this lady!


rachel garber said...

Oh my goodness - that is totally Ryan and his grandma! We moved out onto her property - a mere 100 feet from her front door and live in a trailer because they have a bond that is unbreakable.

Love your long posts :)

Karina said...

that's such a good picture of grandma - beautiful roses.

Allison said...

I love that photo of Andrew and Henry in front of the helicopter. Awesome.