Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pretend Nature

Last Saturday, we ventured to the Ogden Nature Center. Looking for a weekend thrill, I thought this breath of fresh air would suit our family well; not to mention, the admission had been waived for the day. Despite my advertisement that the activity would be FREE (his favorite word), Andrew balked at the idea. Considering the "nature center" is located in the middle of the city clearly meant, in his mind, that it was simply a money trap that had been cleverly cloaked as something special; when in reality, it was nothing short of a synthetic, artificial experience. According to Andrew's man law, you should never have to pay for an outdoor experience.

While I packed our snacks and filled the water bottles, my spontaneous husband busied himself with finding a legitimate, authentic nature experience to replace my idea. Understanding that we had other obligations waiting to be fulfilled that day, the time frame for his plan b and plan c,didn't accommodate said plans. With a reluctant heart, yet an improved attitude, we made it out the door!

Folks, I am pleased to report that the hours we spent there were some of the best in our week. The dirt on the walking trails was ACTUAL dirt! The grass my children played, "Hide and Go Prey" was GENUINE grass!
The smell of the wildlife gave witness to their authenticity! Andrew even saw a deer running through the grass. 

  Perhaps the only piece of false advertisement would be labeling this pond, "The Black Pond."
I renamed it, 
"Leprechauns-go-wee pond"
Not super appropriate, I know. 

 We saw owls, an eagle, a raven and other fowl.
  The children took their turn to build a nest of their own.

Eliza was thrilled when we saw the "Whomping Willow" (her words, not mine)!

The children bravely held my hand as we crossed the troll bridge.
 After walking through a deeply shaded path, we found Rapunzel's tower.
Henry continued to run up ahead of us, plant himself in the grass and POP out unexpectedly. It frightened us horribly!

 Lottie was happiest trailing behind these two. She seems in a hurry to be a big kid. The weather was pleasant and the crowd was small. I hope to go back again soon.