Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The summer scene

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought,

"Yes! This is how I want to do summer!"

The idea is simple enough. On Popsicle sticks, you write down all those child related activities you've been accumulating on Pinterest, as well as your own ideas, for a fabulous summer. When chores are done, your children alternate choosing from the "To-Do" bucket. An activity has been selected! Your day is set! Off you go. Cue the happy, Disney flavored, theme song.

Realistically, it's been shaking out differently. Why yes, the Fleglets and I have been busy having fun but the planner in me has had a tricky time with the idea of letting a random popsicle stick determine the direction of our day. What's really happening is, I, the Mom, take the children to the zoo. We come home and I rummage through the bucket until I find the stick that reads, "Hogle Zoo" and then transfer it into the one that says, "Done." Or... if we do something that wasn't in the "To-Do" bucket to begin with, I write on a new stick something like, "Front runner train" (with the date of activity on the back) and put it in the Done container.

For the Mom's who are super awesome and spontaneous, I tip my floppy beach hat to you! Before I fall further behind, here's a recap of our recent visit to the zoo.
Lottie has reached the age where she sincerely enjoys the zoo. That phase where I try, but completely fail, at garnering some type of reaction from a baby who is completely oblivious to the giant monkey staring from behind the glass wall, has passed! Other than feeling nervous on the train, she was a huge fan!
Eliza begged and pleaded to take a cousin. Fortunately Mia was available. They were darling and we all agree that Mia made the outing that much better. 
 Andrew sends me a text Friday afternoon, asking if can come home earlier! YES, Please! After a week of staying late, late, late at work, we decided on the zoo. On our way, we learned that it was the opening day of their Rocky Shores exhibit. Surprisingly enough, the crowd wasn't overwhelming. I think it helped going as late in the day as we did.
Henry Potter broke his glasses. 
Sad to say, it appears my, 'occulus reparo' charm is faulty. 
Also, his slacker Mom, delayed dropping them off to the repair shop.
With that being said,
it's been nice seeing our original Henry 
walking around the house for the past few days.
I have a strong feeling though, 
that we ought to invest in a back up pair. 
After his father coaxed him into ducking through a fence to obtain it, Henry brought this goose feather home as a souvenir. If I had a quarter for every time I've hollered, 

"Keep that feather out of your mouth, Henry!" since then, I'd be able to treat my family to a round of slurpees. Little boys can be so gross awesome! I adore him, germs and all.


jamie t. said...

I am glad that I am not the only mom whose pintrest ambitions don't quite come to fruition.

Bummer about the glasses. I am constantly on glasses patrol. It is like another member of our family. We've had one pair break so far. My motto to our Brookie is... on your face or in their case. We're dorky like that.

Mike Flegal said...

Try they have cheap glasses.. once I get my eyes checked, I will be selecting one of the 28 pairs on my favorites list!

I wanna go to the zoo!!!!