Saturday, June 9, 2012

The unexpected bummer of summer

Breaking News!

We interrupt the previously scheduled 'summer adventure' recap, to bring you word that Eliza has fractured her arm. I repeat, a Fleglet's bone has been broken!

Wanting to honor the fact that this is Eliza's story to tell, permit me to direct you the 9 + minute video we shot Friday afternoon. From one long winded female to another; I am pleased to say that Eliza's account is layered with deep detail. Her description of the pain involved is both vivid and original. Without further ado...

After that glowing endorsement, 
it's hard to imagine that you wouldn't want to listen to the entire tale. 
However, if you do find yourself short on time 
(or attention, I can't say I'd blame you), 
I recommend you catch the second half.

 As her Mother, the chief sentiment I would like to reiterate is that I am so thankful she was wearing her helmet. She always does and {hopefully} always will.

While waiting for an x-ray,
Eliza sports the homemade sling Andrew made.
The doctor was super impressed, 
he couldn't stop talking about its efficiency.
Looking at me, he asks...
"Do you know who MacGyver is, Ma'm? Cause, that's who made this sling."
"Yes" I reply. "I'm married to him."
Eliza leaves the hospital with her new cast.
A half hour later, she would get her first unreachable "itch"

and suffer a mental breakdown.  

Lottie is leading the cause of all things cheerful to help keep Eliza's spirits high. 


*Jess* said...

Oh Eliza... I am sorry you had to go through this particular rite of childhood. You sure are brave! And the pink cast will match a lot of your outfits!

Mike Flegal said...

Will you sign her cast from Uncle Mike?

Karina said...

bummer indeed! her harrowing tale was well told - she has your gift.

Becky Sharp said...

Tell Eliza that I feel her pain! It seems she and I have something in common: we both had our first broken bone this month. And I agree, it is a bummer way to start out the summer. But I am jealous of her lovely hot pink cast! I broke my fibula just above the ankle, and all the doctor gave me was an ugly black boot. :( Tell her I hope she heals quickly!

leanne said...

ali! i just found your darling blog from marci green's. you have such a cute family. and...poor eliza! not a fun way to start the summer- i'd love to send you an invite to my blog- if you want one, just message me your email address! -leanne (nelson)

leanne said...

(ps.i think i've seen your blog before through marci's, but i am brain dead and can't remember if i left a comment or not- sorry if that was a repeat :) )

Emily said...

Oh man! Poor Eliza! That is a big bummer, but I loved seeing her video of her telling about it all :) It's definitely one for the history books! And so glad it's just "three weekends" and not three months!