Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Are we there yet?"

 If you could see how well I've organized my Lake Powell pictures, I think you'd be impressed. After sifting through the mass of images, I categorized and edited them. Despite my efforts, I am going to ditch the plan to create post after orderly post. Because I think it will be faster (???), I am going to regurgitate the remaining blog worthy photos into one giant, discombobulated mess.

BLEH!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go.

There were times when life at the beach was so fantastic that the the children kindly refused an offer to go out on the Toe Boat. There were other instances, see below, when a child was clearly DONE with the water.

 Her first time on the, "Lottie boat" it took ten solid minutes of crying until she realized that swimming with Mom like this was the BEST THING EVER.
 I failed to document the impressive sand castle and obstacle course the older kids created. There were also more than one large hole that the kids had fun excavating. Shockingly enough, no one broke an ankle walking over it in the dark.

Cousins make the best friends. Just ask Eliza and Syrelle...
or Truman and Henry.
While sunscreen with an appropriate SPF ran short, finding someone to play with never did.

Does anyone else see the resemblance between Eliza and her Nanna Teresa?
Speaking of Nanna and Bubba, they are the best. I suppose I should be thanking them at the end of the blog but in keeping with my "go with the flow" mentality today, I will resist the strong urge to rearrange said photo. Bubba and Nanna, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

The fuel for additional commentary has nearly expired. Playing "catch up" on the blog is not a personal favorite. It makes me tired.


You know what sounds nice? A nap. Naps were popular in Lake Powell. Lottie and Chantal were napping buddies... kind of. A makeshift barrier was built to temporarily separate the two playmates.
 It worked well. There were days, however, when nap time didn't arrive soon enough.
 Chantal had no problem cuddling up to her Mom. The boat also rocked her right to sleep.
 While Mom was off water skiing, Andrew said Lottie planted herself in the sand and began to twiddle her blankie and the dirt. It wasn't long until she was fast asleep, face first, in the sand.
Sweet dreams, kids! Until next year!!


Catherine said...

Genius idea to have family photos taken with that stellar background. Gorgeous! Catching on your own blog can be exhausting, I agree. I am way behind on my daily gratitude blog which I'll be changing to a weekly blog soon to simplify life. haha But READING a friend's recently caught up blog is delightful! It is always fun to keep up with what your sweet family is doing, Ali.

Vause Family said...

I loved the family shots (can't beat red rock), but my favorites were the photos of everyone sleeping. Fantastic!

rachel garber said...

LOVE the family picture. So jealous of your trip! (I've never been). Henry looks totally like Andrew . . . maybe that's just me only knowing him through pictures??

Kim and Franklin said...

Gorgeous family picture!

Teresa McCormack Flegal said...

Oh what fun! Ali thanks for recording our fun vacation. THe sleeping shots just made me laugh. Love you tons.

Karina said...

Loved all the Lake Powell saga. Way cool. LOVE the family pictures - so gorgeous! Who took them?