Wednesday, July 18, 2012

fun with the green beans

We've gone green! Liz, Truman and Chantel spent two nights at our home last week. Looking back, I can say that we made the most of our time in the few days we had them to ourselves! 

It began with slurpees!! (...and a trip to the DMV as well as a check up on Eliza's arm - but that's not nearly as exciting as a slurpee). Thank you Facebook for the reminder that it was July 11, the day that 7-11 offers up free slurpees for anyone who can find a space in their parking lot. It was delicious. It was refreshing.
 So was the dip in our former sandbox turned kiddie pool...
 Out of respect, I will refrain from posting Lottie's naked bum pictures. It wasn't long until she ditched her diaper so that she could skinny dip in the turtle pool. Wanting to add more spice to her night, she took note of our neighbors massive pile of black mulch. Before I processed fully what was happening, her lower half was covered in dark black mulch. It was hilarious and obnoxious (to clean off) at the same time.

An outdoor picnic and a round of ice cream wrapped up a very fun night.

Day two... Well, let's just say we had a ROARING good time. Oh ya, baby.

They dug it. We all did.
"Roarrrrrrr!!!!!!" hollers Henry.
FYI... Eliza lost her second tooth! Remembering that I was both surprised and sad that I missed her first tooth extraction, I am happy to say the second experience compensated for it some as it flew out of her mouth and onto my lap.
 "Watch out boys!" the animated Mother screams. "Yikes! Another close call!"

(I know. My cheesy commentary keeps getting better and better...)

Could someone please explain why parents enthusiastically line up to take pictures of their children preparing to eat 'dino burgers'? Seriously. Explain. 

The weather was awesome. Compared to our last visit, the crowd was minimal. This made the park a super great place to be.
 With Henry leading the way, Lottie fell in love with this slide. Eliza was sweet enough to hold her tight on the way down.
There are eyes are open, I see three smiles and they are all looking at the camera! It's a miracle!! I need a moment. You never know when a blast of cheesy sentiment is about to hit. All I can say is that I love (love, love, love!!) my kids and am profoundly grateful my days are spent surviving their brand of adorable chaos.
It was a great way to spend our morning. Post nap time, we made our way to a nearby splash pad. It was our first visit of the season. We're so happy Eliza's cast is off! She had it removed the day before Lake Powell. How is that for fortunate timing? Her elbow was still smothered in bruises, poor thing and she still does not have full range of motion. We head back to the Doctor's office in four weeks for another x-ray.

Where was I? Oh yes! The Splash pad.

The day improved once more when Andrew came home with Cafe Rio. After putting the children to bed, Liz and I headed to Zumba where I successfully retained said dinner but hopefully burned off a few of those delicious calories.

We love visiting and playing with the Greens! It was wonderful spending time with them this past month and hope that 'next time' we'll be catching up with them in New York!


Shelly said...

Ali I seriously love how you right and how you blog! So glad there is someone else that takes as many pictures as I do! I hope you are doing well. Your family is beautiful! Looks like you have had an awesome summer!! love ya

Karina said...

How fun to be with cousins! Jealous. So glad Eliza got her cast off.

Liz Green said...

I'm so glad we had a chance to spend a couple days with you in your home. I love your home and yard. Thanks for sharing it with us. We miss you guys already!