Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Lake Powell Series

Allow me to begin with an impossible moment of silence.
Flegal family campsite, 2012

* Sigh. Lake Powell is stunning. Am I right? 

From start to finish, an adventure to Lake Powell is filled with extremes. The worrier within is filled with extreme anxiety as she anticipates the possible safety hazards involved with taking small children. In an effort to replace that fear with excitement, an extreme amount of thought and care is taken in each step of the planning.

There are days when the southern Utah heat is extreme. In years past, we've been met by an extremely rapid case of the stomach flu as well as extreme windstorms. Adding to that list this year, our last two nights were spent near a wild, loud and extremely drunk group of individuals who felt that blasting their extreme, profanity laced, music into the early hours of the morning was completely acceptable.

Despite the worry, the heat and the possibility of an unexpected inconvenience; there is far more beauty, relief and bliss that remains to be experienced.

 The breathtaking scenery, the harmonious peals of laughter shared while riding on the tube with loved ones, the food ...  oh my goodness... the food, the excitement surrounding the latest catch on the fishing pole and the hours that are filled with people you love is what makes Lake Powell one of our absolute favorite places to be.

For the two children that have previous Lake Powell memories stored in their brains, our arrival was nothing short of thrilling.
For our youngest Fleglet, who was busy gestating during our last trip, there was a bit of 
"What in the world?" going on in her head.
It wasn't long until she realized that life in Lake Powell is pretty awesome.

And while the work, preparation and responsibility was left to the adults, the children were made to endure extreme amounts of sunscreen and extreme exhaustion born of extreme amounts of fun.

This trip was most definitely about our children's happiness, their time with cousins and our time with family. I am happy to say, however, even with all those things going on, Andrew and I were able to squeeze in a few "us" moments too.

It was a wonderful trip. Watch out blog. The onslaught of memories are on their way. 

For memory's sake, here's a Lake Powell flashback. My, how they've grown!
Lake Powell 2009 part 1
Lake Powell 2009 part 2
Lake Powell 2010