Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Toe Boat

Another Lake Powell favorite was being pulled behind Bubba's "Toe Boat." Knowing that he is (the world's best) podiatrist adds to the cleverness of the name.
Here, the Flegal five set off on their first family tubing adventure. Earlier that day, Henry was forced persuaded onto the tube by Andrew. He left the beach screaming his face off, but returned with a huge smile. After that, he gladly accepted tube ride invitations.
It's hard to discern his distress in this "before" photo; so you'll need to take my word for it. The kid was a mess. Aren't we stellar parents? At least we didn't force anyone to water ski this year. 
After asking for a thumbs up or thumbs down to rate his experience when he returned, Henry gave an enthusiastic "pointer fingers" up.
 Andrew is still a maniac behind the boat. He is fearless and capable. It's an exciting combination. Watching him is always a lot of fun. He still lands these crazy flips. Bravo, Andrew!
 As for the lady with the crazy white skin... (YIKES!), she got up pretty fast each time she went out. Good job, Ali.
 Lottie and Chantal took their first tube ride of the season together. Lottie's reaction was cute and simple:

 Tennessee was a super star. In the fearful moments before his ride began, he hid his eyes behind his hands to calm himself. Once they were up, he was thrilled. 

All aboard for the crazy Mom ride. 
Andrew's awesome sisters: Sara, Katie, Liz
Shipley, denying that's me, Cecelia 

 A few days into our trip, Andrew had the thought to pull kids behind his boat. It was a huge hit.
 "Cowabunga!" She screamed. Really? Who taught her to say that?! She was so brave.

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Karen said...

What a fun, fun family time! I didn't know that Andrew's dad is a podiatrist. My dad and brother are podiatrists. My brother finished residency last summer and has been practicing for a year now. Who knew we'd have another foot doctor in our family?! So, I'll have to rebuttal and say that my dad (and I'm sure my brother will be) the world's best podiatrist!:)

I'm glad you had such a good time in Lake Powell. Looks so wonderful.