Monday, August 6, 2012

Lagoon's Encore

How do you turn down an invitation to play at Lagoon with your cousins? You can't. As soon as Andrew, the keeper of the checkbook, understood this; plans were made to make a return trip. Lucky us!(!!!) No seriously.  Our kids have been spoiled rotten fortunate this summer. I ought to warn Eliza that the School Gods: Teachers of all things Work Ethic and Discipline will be out to smother her with life lessons (and homework) this fall. They've already struck this mom in the form of never ending laundry piles, housework and mysterious viruses that the children kindly share with each other whenever downtime hits. But you know, I'll take it!

Summer break is winding down for the Flegal crew. First grade, (*Gasp! She'll be ), is quickly approaching. *Sigh. I'm going to spare you my feelings. For now anyway; because we all know how I like to talk "feelings" (...and *gasp and *sigh).

Returning to the recap, we had a great day at Lagoon. The Lagoon attendants reminded us all day to make it a great one and we most definitely listened. Random Lagoon tip: Go on a Tuesday. The crowd was minimal.

The morning began with sunscreen and swimsuits. When it comes to roller coasters, sign my kids up. As for slow paced, head remains above water, water slides... they are terrified. I see a return to swim lessons in their futures. Even though we weren't at Lagoon-A-Beach very long, it was still worth the extra bag/effort to go.
 You'll be shocked to learn that the rest of the day was, wait for it, spent on rides! I know. Can you believe it? Oh man, I'm being a total smart mouth. I apologize. I should settle back to a basic, boring, straight forward format.

How's this:

Syrelle and Henry were partners. Sara and I took turns taking older kids (Eliza included) on coasters and watching Henry and Syrelle in kiddie land.

I wanted to throw up because in my old age, certain rides (read: Flying Aces) nauseate me. Combine the continued swirls and twirls with the heat and you'll find Aunt Ali breathing slowly through her nose, dumping water on her head while sitting in the shade under a tree in kiddie land. Thankfully, it didn't last long.

The group reunited and we hit some rides together.
The Lagoon crew
minus the four oldest kids

Eliza was soaked. We all were.
Spending time with Sara was a definite highlight for me. We bonded. How can you not when you're at Lagoon? I think the world of her. I hope she knows that.

Henry and Syrelle were darling. Even though Syrelle spends most her time playing with Eliza in the real world, Henry was her mate that day. Henry was braver than brave. He didn't need his Mom next to him with his buddy Syrelle nearby. It warmed our maternal hearts.

And finally, Eliza rode Colossus for the first time. Yes, that's blog worthy. As we waited in line, I could feel her nerves. My heart was pounding on her behalf. Observing her chattering teeth, I reach to touch her clothes to determine if they are still damp from a water ride we'd been on a few hours prior.

"I'm not cold, Mom. Not at all." That is her answer. It is the nerves. The coaster track passes near the gate where we wait. A forceful rush of wind hits us as we watch the coaster fly past us. Her smiling expression changes to worry. I reassure her that she can do this and encourage her to celebrate her bravery with me.

"You'll ask to go on it again as soon as we finish. Just you wait." Stepping onto the platform, we find our place. A mother and daughter duo sit in the seat that we will occupy upon their return.

"We've got a first timer here!" The Mom informs me. It's obvious. Her daughter looks terrified! Doing the Mom a favor I tell her daughter how much fun she's about to have. They come back and THANKFULLY her daughter has a huge smile on her face. She offers Eliza two big thumbs up and exits her seat.

Securing our seat belt, I point out the sunset to Eliza. It is stunning. The ride announcer asks us to countdown from five to one.

"I want you to yell Fire Dragon once you reach one" he instructs. Night time at Lagoon is Magic, he had told us. He wants us to ring it in properly. With her anticipation and excitement at an all time high, we participate in the countdown. And with that, the lights turn on.
And it came to pass... after we finished the ride, per Eliza's request, we jumped back in line for another go on her new 'favorite ride'. It was a special moment. I love that girl. I love all my kids and owe Andrew big time for allowing me another great first.

(In an effort to distract Andrew.)...

"Hey look ANDREW! Is that a deer in our backyard? Quick! Go check it out!"

*Psssssst: We have bounce back passes that are solid for another week. Drop me a line if you want to party with us Lagoon style. Just kidding, babe.

THANK YOU Aunt Katie, Nanna Teresa, Nana Marie and Aunt Ami for playing musical Lottie while the older kids and I were at Lagoon. You are the best and I will happily return the favor.

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